One annoying thing about this game


Losing to people online who ride the 60 second clock just poking at you and running away when they’re in the lead. You can’t throw people who use jump-in light attacks that you block, no matter how early they do them. I really miss the old 98 guard cd in these situations. The new version is okay, but the game often moves way too fast when you’re under pressure (jp lk, cr lk lk lk lk lk) to pull it off properly.


That kind of playing style is annoying whether it’s a 60 second clock or a 99 second clock. But in my opinion, 60 seconds in the only way to go. It limits the amount of health a player can regenerate at the end of a match, making things more even. How many times have you just narrowly lost to some annoying Kyo/Joe only to watch their health rocket back up after because their rushdown game is so good?


How can you guys bear to play online? The lag is so game-breaking, what’s the point???

On top of that, to complain about some tactic online with the current, broken netcode is beyond pointless…


We find decent connections. We’re patient enough to do 3 minutes of checking rooms.


Well if you set the room for only 2 players, its ok.


I prefer playing Dojo Destroyer. I join rooms and whip niggas till THEY leave. Then I’m all alone in there :sad:


CD Counter seems to be your answer, unless they are that good and they don’t even fall for that.


The thing I do when somebody is rushing me and spaming a or b either go back CD or if you have CC is really easy to land that on them


Maybe using guard-cancels as an anti-air instead of against block strings could help if you’re having trouble with people exploiting their poke range from the ground. That’d make it that much easier to pick up your own offensive momentum afterward and eliminate the problem


Remember when normals (like jabs) would beat out short hop As and Bs? Yeah… those were the days…


360 version+ yellow bar= playable most of the time.

As for the people who spam the hops in, it’s annoying but universal parry works against it well. CD counters honestly were kinda lame in 98, as you often got the A2 end-of-match situations where first person to get an attack blocked loses.


Assuming the players you’re playing against know what they’re doing, there are plenty of jump-ins that bC+D won’t come out in time to punish, as they’ll recover and be able to block in time, so there are a lot of times that universal parry will fail you, and end up costing you more than you’d like. Flat out beating the jump in (With your characters respective normals) is an option that a lot of people unfamiliar with KoF games don’t consider. Try checking out the tutorial vid in the sticky if you need a visual representation.