One big thing preventing me from being a good Seth

… is that damn SPD input. I seem to do it fine offline in training mode like 90% of the time. Dash in SPD, block string SPD, FADC SPD, etc. However as soon as I get online it never comes out, I always get an SRK or a tanden engine.

Is there a special way to do it or is it just because it’s online and it’s easier to do offline like I see in training mode?

Make sure you let go of your stick for just a split second. I used to get overlapped inputs but in my case it was because I didn’t do real clean inputs and I never noticed that I didn’t. So if you do jab jab mp SPD make sure that you aren’t still hodling your stick slightly downwards when you input the spd motion.

If this is not your problem then ignore this post.

Yeah, might be the issue. I swear it’s a clean input yet online I still get 3 tanden engines in a row. LOL

Start your motion with forward or back and end with up.

Accurate execution is better than fast execution.

Mother of God… this works like a charm! I’m SPD’ing like a pro now! XD

Im having serious trouble with this too lol. Cost me like 10 matches in a row.

Ive taken the above tips in mind but its still very annoying sometimes. But ill continue trying to do it as accurate but still as fast as possible lool

You can input the “full circle” in either clockwise/counter-clockwork motion from any side. I find it easier to do the clockwise motion a lot easier than a counter-clockwise motion so I practice that for both sides.

Since your hands are probably hardwired to change input based on side, maybe you can try using the input direction for SPD you’re more used to on both sides just for consistency. It took some time for me to get used to, but it’s a lot more consistent.

If you already do this, or are more comfortable otherwise, please ignore XD

For me personally, 632147 or 412369 works perfectly (numbers being the directions on a keypad)
Try that and see how it goes.

Yea I found this out right after my post lol. I didnt know you could do either way, its def. easier for me now since I sometimes prefer the other side a lot more. Im having less trouble with this luckily :smiley: Now just having trouble with Seth in general lol

632147 regardless of what side I’m on. Works every time. Whiff meaty divekicks on an opponent’s wakeup and SPD them. Make sure they don’t have a mic.
I swear, you can hear their mouth breathing get worse.

I have a harder time with Sonic Boom than I do with SPD. :db::qcf: seems to always yield a SPD, I’ll be crouching and try to sonic boom, and bam, SPD whiff. ><!

It’s because you overcompensate on the motion. You’re actually doing something like :b::db::d::df::f::uf:

Exactly. Also, if you did a backdash before you attempted the sonic boom, make sure you return to neutral for a moment before trying your QCF, as it will more than likely fulfill the :b: :db: for the 7-point SPD. SF4 likes delayed input.