One broken button on the pcb of x360 TE stick?

i searched and i couldn’t find any info, but is it possible for one button to have busted on the pcb? one of my buttons stopped working. i changed the button, didn’t work. tested to make sure the replacing button was working and it was. i changed the wires to ones that worked too. any help would be appreciated.

Check the ribbon cable running from the button in question - could have become loose or damaged somehow. It might also be a problem with a broken Ground signal, so check for dry solder joints.

Aside from that I don’t know what to suggest, sorry.

what button is not working?

there is widely known issue with the 360 TE Fightsticks having issues with RT and LT.

aww, i just checked, it’s LT. i then tried RT and that isn’t working either. can i get a new pcb from madcatz, or what should i do?

it’s a round 1 TE, btw

do a search about this and see what everyone has done. if it is still in warranty, you can call madcatz for a replacement.

i called madcatz, they are sending me a new pcb. thanks for the help man