One button on stick works if the case is held at certain angles. Help!


I’ve finally got my SE stick modded the way I want it, and for some reason the A button works sporadically. Sometimes it stops working unless I hold the case at an angle, or press on the bottom, or shake the case. I’ve re-soldered the signal and ground wires coming from the button and switched out the button itself. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

Here’s the setup:

Buttons and stick wired to input on DB25 switchbox, DB25 A output wired to terminal strip which is wired to 360 PCB and MC Cthulhu, DB25 B output wired as project box port on case.


sounds like soldering problem. Since you already checked the button side, check the pcb side.


could be a db 25 issue. if the signals are touching it might disable it. Make sure that your db25 is cleanly soldered.


I just went through the entire thing and it turns out the problem was a spliced wire that was coming loose, but I overlooked it because the electrical tape wrapped around the splice point was holding the wires together tightly. It feels good to finally get that taken care of, I was getting really OCD about it.