One button randomly stops working on TES+ on PC?


hello everyone,

i bought a TES+ for my first stick like 2 months ago off of amazon. everything has been fine but ive had about 4 seperate occasions where the R2 button becomes unresponsive while playing online. it doesn’t physically get stuck and as far as i can tell the tactile response is the same but the button just wont register what i have it bound to (strong kick). all 4 times it was when i was playing the game for around 2-4 hour sessions. it goes back to normal after about 3 seconds, but on one occasion it lasted up to around 10 seconds. every time it happens i sit in training mode hitting it for like 30 mins straight and i can never reproduce it.

a friend suggested the stick might be dirty undernearth but that doesn’t seem likely for such a new stick.

anyone have any ideas? maybe something x360ce related? or something worse?


Open the stick up and check the wiring, quick disconnects on the button, and the PCB connection of the molex connectors.