One button, two moves. mfw: 0.o



Hey everyone,

I am just getting started in SF4 and so far it is a blast. I am the type of person who is big into muscle memory and I only want to have the most efficient combos in my muscle memory.

With that in mind, I was in training mode with Ryu and was attempting to perform c.hp -> shoryuken. I acciendentaly stumbled upon something interesting. I could only press HP once and perform both moves! I would press hp during my shoryuken motion and it would perform both the c.hp AND the SRK. I have been looking around the internet for someone who describes this phenomenon but cant find anything.

Here’s my exact input. I did [ f , df , d , df + hp , f ].

I’d like to know exactly what this is and exactly how I can replicate it so I can avoid pressing unnecessary buttons from the get go. Thanks!


It is call negative edge and exist since 1991 in street fighter II. Google negative edge and you’ll find more info.