One can never see too much Morrigan

Unless of course Capcom is recycling the same tired sprite for whatever their latest fighter happens to be. Not that I’m bitter or anything…

ANYHOW, hi, I’m new to these forums and figured I’d introduce myself using a piece of Morrigan fan art I completed recently. Even from briefly exploring randomly selected threads I can see there’s a lot of talent here (and I raise my fictional cup to those sequential artists out there).

As for the above piece I only kind of like it. It was mainly used to train myself to break out of my normal coloring techniques. Oh well, feel more than free to critique it if you’re bored enough :slight_smile:

Edit: I just noticed a SCAD e-mail address here! Ah, sweet memories. Of course, it hasn’t gotten me a job yet but…

It’s looks like she’s taunting the moon to come down and give it to her doggy style.

I like it. :tup:

welcome to the board. nice morrigan piece.
semi-agree abt the invitation to the moon thing :slight_smile:

I wish IIIIII was the moon. Hot morrigan joint.

i like it… nice color scheme… i like the bg too…

Great piece man. The best thing about this piece to me is the colouring! Really nice. Super makes me wonder what your “normal” colouring is like.

Awesome! I love the background, colors, shading/lighting, pose, all of it. That’s some good work. =)

Dude, you graduated from Sequential art at SCAD in 2004?! I graduated from that same program 2005! Did we ever meet?

Cool lookin Morrigan, man. I dig the color choices. I think the clouds are just a bit brighter than they need to be, so they’re drawing attention to themselves and off of morrigan. Other than that, good stuff!

 I think we might have taken the Character Design & Story Boarding class together, actually.  Perhaps one of Hudsons classes as well because I actually borrowed a couple of techniques learned from seeing your Gresham sculpture (specifically the cloth mold).  What a (disturbingly) small world :)  How's the outside world been treating you?

 I see what you mean about the clouds...I hadn't really noticed.  Gotta watch that in the future...

 And to everyone else: Thanks for the comments (even the slightly scary ones)! :)

great Morriagn. Especially the color sheme. Wow lots of SCADanavians in the fanart section.

Ah ha! Now that you bring it up, I remember you. I don’t think we had Character Design & Storyboarding together, but we did definately have Hudson’s Conceptual Illustration together. You were they guy who went all out and did that totally insane environment. I remember that for sure.

The outside world has been treating me alright. I’m doing concept drawings and storyboarding at an internship for Studio Pendulum right now. It’s not a real job, and it’s not comics, but it’s still pretty cool and is good experience. I’m finding that I enjoy storyboarding as much as doing comics, but I’m actually not that into concept drawing. I’d rather be doing the other two or just straight illustration, I think.

That was it! I must have seen your zodiac project on the wall :slight_smile: I’m actually preparing to pitch the story around that environment (or a revised version of it, actually) to some companies. My apartment was a disaster area during that thing’s construction…bits of clay and plastic flowers everywhere.

That’s great about the internship. Is it something you’re doing locally or are you able to mail/upload your work?

I’m about to quit my “normal” job and whore myself out with freelance illustration for a while. I thought that after college I’d need a non-art job to pay the bills, clear my head, and set priorities. I don’t know if I did the right thing but I can say I’m way more driven than I was after graduation to get my art out there and pick up creative work.

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The Coloring looks cool…

Nah, they flew me down to San Diego and set me up in an apartment. They don’t pay me, but at least they are taking care of that stuff for me.

Sounds like you made an alright decision taking a break to save some money. I’m pretty broke for the time being, hehe.

bahh the link is broken, i wish i could see :sad: