One day as a girl- discuss


What would you do? Would you have sex? Get free drinks? Stare naked in the mirror all day?
Personally it shames me to say I’d probably get a bunch of free drinks at the club and just be a big whore in general.


I would probably wear cutoffs and thighhigh stockings. Nothing else would really change other than that.



Obvious answer.

Lesbian sex.


i’d prolly do myself for the entire day


Yeah, I couldn’t get my fingers (or just about anything else) out my cunt. Ever wonder what it feels like for a girl?

Oh, and seducing random hot chicks would be awesome. Oh, and posting a bunch of pics on SRK. Althought having all you guys jerking to my hot bod would probably end up being disturbing.


Get Free drinks like the shameless slut that I am.

Has anyone seen a girl work a bar like its her orchestra, Ive seen some chicks work over every guy in the room for a fucking drink before they left with there friends.


Depends on how pretty I am.


I’d still be huge slut though when I think about it.


…not just drinks, either…

Assuming this is one day as a reasonably attractive girl, I’d be interested in seeing just how much free stuff I can get, simply due to the legendary Power of the Pussy?. Without actually giving it up, one could probably get all kinds of free money and gifts…free trip to the movies, restaurants, etc. etc. It’s funny to me that some women don’t even realize how lucrative the situation of simply “being a woman” is. Besides scamming guys in person with their inherently devious nature, there’s also the wide world of porn and fetish sites. Keep in mind that one doesn’t even have to get into the hardcore side of the industry to make some cash. Think about all those fetishes out there…you could just walk around in a certain outfit around the house and film it in HD…put it online and bam = money. Lay back on the bed and film an 8 minute movie that’s just your feet and/or legs & ass. BAM = money. Let the cameras roll as you wrestle around with some other girl, perhaps in a small pool of baby oil…BAM = money. …and you didn’t even have to actually fuck someone for this. Women don’t even fully realize just how perfect the scam of their very existence is.


Wouldn’t being a girl imply the sucking of a lot of dick? I’ll pass.


Wake up.
Drink some coffee.
Play video games.
Drink more coffee.
Go out for a run.
More coffee.
Spaz out on a caffeine high because I drank too much coffee(like an idiot). Pass out.
Wake up an hour later.
Video games.
Glass of milk.
Sleep some more.


specifically x-2


all day err day


I would play SOOOO much Sims.


I would be SUCH a camwhore on the internet…because my breasts would be AMAZING.
I would join Facebook for that reason alone.

Then next day show all my followers IT’S A TRAP!!!


I dunno about the premise of this thread. Being in the kitchen all day sounds like it would be boring.


I would become a camwhore and make easy money by masturbating all day. Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Lesbian sex. Then make that money.

Million has the right idea.


A few things:

Lesbian sex definitely. However the specifics would be tribbing and at least trying to get to the multiple orgasm range and if possible with my female body, squirting. These don’t have to be associated with lesbians in general, I could do these to myself, but a plus 1 is definitely cool. Sexual favours aside, I would love to just talk dirty to other chicks for an hour or so, just to say all the shit that guys can’t because they don’t have a vagina.

The final grand plan which may or may not work is to hire a photographer (preferably female so I could have lesbian sex with her later) and do enough porn photos to last a small pornographic career. So start off with teasing soft core shit, then actually move into the “pubic wars” exposure like Penthouse and Playboy had in the 70’s, then actually show off some vag, go shaven, do some self pleasuring softcore and then self pleasuring hardcore and if the photographer is up to it, some candid OMFG BEHIND THE SCENES girl/girl shit. Release that shit slowly over the course of the year on a pay website and cha ching, a small source of income.



What if the one day it happened… you happened to be on the rag? :wasted:

That’s some evil genie twisted wish granting stuff right there.


If that’s the only thing on your mind right now, then yeah. Guess my av doesn’t help much either.