One direction on my Sanwa isnt working, any ideas

Well actually a friends Sanwa that I’ve had in my possession for about 2 months now. Was playing just fine all weekend on a friends PS2 and now suddenly the left isn’t working on my dreamcast with converter. The other day on my DC the converter was acting up and I had to plug it into the second player port to get it to work.

Could it be the converter acting up even though everything is working except the left? It didnt even become unresponsive first just completely stopped working. I opened it up and it seems to still be okay but I dont know much about this.

Really don’t want to upset my friend and I’m supposed to give his stick back next week.

i’d try it again on a ps2 if you haven’t done so already

if it works…must be the converter

If not, the micro switch might be dead…

I dont have a PS2 to test it on, the friend I was playing with lives a good distance away (like 3 hours) - if it is the microswitch how much does one cost so I can at least give my friend the money to have it replaced

Its like 15 bucks at

You need to test it in a computer or ps2, get a ps2 - usb adapter, then check the wiring, then if it still fails, then get a new PCB. I am assuming its a JLF, but if its not then check accordingly.

yeah, don’t wanna start ripping stuff apart until you can check to see if it was the adapter, which sounds most probable

too bad they don’t have the pelican ps2-ps3 adapters at wal-mart (at least not around me) other wise you can just test it and return it for a refund