ONE downloadable car costs $100 in Need4Speed World (more coming)

Heard of many overpriced games, DLC, even ingame purchases (Eve’s 70$ monocle and virtual clothing, pricier than even its realworld equivalent), but this here takes the crown.

So, good deal or holdup ?

Source - EA Offers $100 Car in Need for Speed World

EA, not surprised one bit. And people said my EA hate was baseless.

Want the real ending to Mass Effect 3? That’ll be $50. Want a super stacked All-Madden Legends team 100 overall? That’ll be $100. Yeah…

Oh EA you so terrible


The sad truth is, there are probably dude-bros out there who will actually buy it.

Gamers seriously either need to take their hobby back from corporate fucktards like EA and Activision and the dude-bros, or else kick its cunt in, watch as it dies from bleeding, and move on.

Oh F2P, you so crazy.

TBH, Valve puts these prices for some of their TF2 items. The difference is that the weapons can also be randomly found or crafted by just playing the game. EA needs to add other incentives to their F2P games besides $100 cars.


Wouldn’t it be something if this generated a bunch of press for the game? They should have asked for more money.