"One-frame links" from the perspective of Arc System Works

Street Fighter 4’s link system is mentioned briefly in IGN’s recent BlazBlue preview.

Now look at this quote from a recent Arc System Works interview.

It seems that Arc is moving away from strict timing windows and designing their games around online play. This is a step in the right direction since online is the new arcade. Hopefully, Capcom will take notice.

except guilty gear 2 was a console game designed for consoles so i dont think you can draw any conclusions from that. also this sentence: “Played online, quick action like that will produce different results on each player’s screen.” shows they have no fucking clue what theyre talking about when it comes to online :I

Can’t wait for this, but if the online is anything like Guilty Gear it will be an offline only game for me.

Looks fucking great though. This and KOF12 will keep me fighting all summer long.

I can’t wait for this game.

HDR and SF4 both suffer from online-related issues. SF4 is fine from a arcade cabinet/local match perspective, but online matches really suffer when your character is dependent on strictly-timed moves. It is crazy for CAPCOM to think moves that require split-second timing would work over an internet connection.


Well, most of the link combos are strictly unintentional if you ask me – especially the 1 framers.

Capcom purposely made it so you can’t cancel out of chains, and a lot of the links are 1 or 2 framers, so that leads me to think that they were really really trying to simplify the combo system, but it ended up backfiring on them when people starting linking jabs into fierces. I dunno if it’s because there’s a lot of hitstun on everything or what.

I mean, Ono went on for ages about making this game open to new players, so I doubt he would’ve purposely added this shit in (and if he did, I don’t know what he was thinking). Once people discovered all this stuff in the arcade, I figure they knew they’d have to add in similar stuff for the console characters.

Games are almost never designed to be link-heavy, they usually just end up that way. The Vampire Savior games, Last Blade, JoJo, Garou, etc.

I’d agree with you except some of those 1 frame link combos are in the challenge mode so that means they knew about em.

That’s why I said, the ones for the console characters were put in intentionally.
Other than that, I think they just ripped most of them from what people were doing in the arcade, or they saw what was being done and just made up some alternate stuff of their own. Capcom isn’t blind, they always keep one eye on the tournament scene.

Well yeah they knew about them after the game had been out for over half a year in the arcade…

I have some issues with the design philosophies at Arc but if they’re moving towards more lenient execution requirements, bravo to them.

Now if they would just license GGPO, they’d be set.

No its not.

No offence, but what you said did not make sense whatsoever. Anyone with good eyesight will notice that, when playing online, there is some differences with what you see and what the opponent sees.

When I play with my friends who are next to me, I know when and where I can be hit and where I can hit them. But online, I’ve been hit by moves that I know shouldn’t have landed. Whether it be because I was blocking, or was out of range.

Also, throwing online is a must because you can essentially walk right next to them and throw, but on their screen, they will still be slightly far away. Causing some issues.

For people outside of California and Japan, it sort of is, sadly. I mean, it’s easy to say that when you live where you do. I have no arcades within 3 hours of me. I mean, I could drive hours on end to go play everyday, but that’s not very economical is it?

Of course it is, and Cali and Japan represent a large section of the SF community, so it’s not like arcades are a relic of a forgotten time, or even being replaced.

This is definitely good news for me. I hate it when I mess up links in SFIV online.

Just one more reason to get this bad boy.

As much as I like arcades, and as much as I respect them about 1000x more than online, I don’t see how you can say that. How many arcades shut down within the last year even? Outside of a few select regions, they’re very much a struggling business. California represents a large section of the “high level” SF community, not the community as a whole. There are tons of players living in random shitholes with no arcades.

I have to agree with you on this. With the online SF community growing, it seems very possible that a new wave of serious competitiors outside of Cali and Japan might take over.

wtf is everyone smoking, there’s tons of links that aren’t 1-frame. There’s probably just as many links in sf4 as there are in the CvS series. 1 guy types the phrase “1-frame link” and now it’s the buzz word of the community lol.

That’s why I put it in quotes. I also didn’t have enough room in the subject to put something along the lines of “links with small timing windows”. It’s a quick way to describe SF4’s difficult link system even if it isn’t 100% accurate.

I’d argue that there are already plenty of good people playing online from all over the country who can’t drop a couple grand on a trip to Evo every year and who don’t live anywhere near an arcade.

Since, for better or worse, the majority of competitive gaming in America and Europe happens on the internet, split-second timing windows are not going to work in a modern fighter. Even though I’ve never played Guilty Gear, it’s good to know that there is a fighting game developer wise enough to change their design philosophy to keep up with current trends.

They usually don’t point out glitches though. There’s no mention of Kara throwing at all and that was in the arcade to.

That may have more to do with the fact that the karaing is lost on most people. I mean, how do you explain it in a trial mode combo, lol. They don’t even tell you how to position yourself for most of the juggles.