one frame links?

i seem to have a lot of trouble with one frame links or links in general. it’s mainly with sagat and blanka (but other characters as well). is there any trick to getting these down (besides trying to get a CH)? in general i have problems with connecting stuff like c. short x3 with blanka and s jp, c. short, s mp, xx super with sagat. i’m guessing it might be negative edge issues, but i suck even more when i hold the buttons down instead of just tapping. any ideas?

oh i’m pretty decent at landing stuff like c short x2, c. mk, xx super for some reason tho.

cause i know some guy who always lands it via cross up. it’s a pretty good combo from cross up sk, s. jp, c. sk, s mp, xx lvl 2 qcbx2 mp xx dp mp. it’s an awesome combo that does a shitload of damage.

That’s the most retarded Sagat combo ever

1 frame links just arent practical don’t even worry about getting better at them when you can just do c.short, c.short xx super or c.short, s.jab, c.forward xx super

No it’s not. It’s an awesome combo that does a shitload of damage. That’s exactly what I read and I’m sticking to it.

yes … the most retarded … and also the most damaging cross up sagat combo ever

try to c.short, super. :encore:

that doesn’t work. i tried it. unless on meaty CH

It works off non counter hit. :karate:

try s.lp, it’s alot easier