One Frame Super Video

Reversal exhibition


A good one you missed is Oro’s close s. MP. If you duck block it with some characters, it only hits once, and you can reversal.

Nice vid :tup:

If only it was something a bit more practical. Though that vid is reason enough to choose Chun SA1, I doubt anyone will.

If it only had 2 bars :rolleyes:

So if only one hit hits it gets a better frame advantage O.o damn… interesting.
And thnx guys =)

you should try out normal reversals…it would most likely help ppl who try to get that 1 frame reversal with no super bar

Like Crouching Forward Reversals???

yeah like for yang or yun there lk can be comboed into ex slashes or dash punch…something of that nature…it would be a good thing to see what moves can be countered using those

I didnt kno Chuns SA1 had 1 frame start up.

Now if it only had 2 bars :frowning:

That might make it worth selecting… possiblely

Here’s the 3 framer I just made


Here’s the 2 framer I made a LONG time ago


Three Frame Super Video

Here;s the 3 framer I just made


and hell… heres the 2 framer I made a long time ago


and just in case you didn’t see it yet, the one framer


Good stuff, but it’s hard to pull of reversals consistently like that, unless you’re really looking for it.

Oh and you forgot Alex

I didn’t really forget Alex. He doesn’t have any moves that I could figure that NEED to be reversaled to be punished so…
But glad you noticed ^-^

I like the strega theme more than the other persona 3 tunes

Can someone list out the super arts that are 3-frame, 2-frame, and 1-frame?

1 framers: Chun’s SA1, Dudley’s SA1 & SA3, Elena’s SA1 & SA2, Gouki’s SA2, Hugo’s SA1, Ibuki’s SA2 (Throw), Ken’s SA1, Makoto’s SA1, Remy’s SA2 & SA3, Ryu’s SA2, Seans’ SA2, Urien’s SA1 & SA2 & SA3 (2P), Yang’s SA2, Yun’s SA1

2 framers: Dudley’s SA2, Ibuki’s SA3 (LP), Ken’s SA2 & SA3, Necro’s SA1, Q’s SA2, Remy’s SA1, Sean’s SA3, Twelve’s SA2

3 framers: Alex’s SA1 & SA2, Chun’s SA2 a& SA3, Gouki’s SA3, Hugo’s SA2 (LP), Ibuki’s SA1 & SA3 (MP), Necro’s SA2, Sean’s SA1, Yun’s SA2

It just seemed to work with the vid =/

Gouki’s SGS is 1f.

Oh yeah, forgot about that one >.<

what about KKZ?

Also, are all supers just divided by 1 frame, 2 frames and 3 frames?

And jesus, no wonder you can jump out of Hyper Bomb and slam dance :rofl: