One freaking week old Arcana Heart 2 - April 12 - Chinatown Fair

What’s up nugs?

CF just got AH2 in, and to start a tradition, I say we run a tournament for the game a week after it’s been out here. Nothing crazy, all the usual rules and what not. ONE DOLLAR ENTRY, WINNER TAKES ALL, and I’ll make sure to tape as much of the finals as I can. If you guys want to make it $2 - $3 let me know!

So let’s DO DIS, get that week of training in!

Also, I’d actually like to run bi-weekly tournaments for this game if anyone is up for it. Let’s get the scene back in shape!

As for other games being run, shit if I care, have a tea party on the side.

Tea party MMs lets go

Lets Gooooooooo!!!

2/3 for sugar cubes phaebuns!

I think you gotta put “new york” in the thread title or javi might get rid of it.

I can’t.

Can someone do that for me?

MC, if you double click on your topic (like the box its in, not the link), a text box should show up to let you edit it.

Ah, so it did, thanks!


i guess ill try to show up, no guarantees, only with stable wallet assist

ill come to this if i dont end up going to a connecticut tourney
on the same day.

This is great. Hopefully I’ll have time and money to practice Zenia combox during the week.


I’ll try 2 show 4 this

done!! :rock:

i guess ill make attendence…


and singing “GET THE FUCK OUT MA FACE” with fiona when she does 4C

Brandon just come sir!!! it’ll be great!!! get dave to come to while your at it!!!

also be in attendence too Hal… YORIKO NEEDS YOU HAHAHAHA!!!

fingers crossed

Chibi told me that he isn’t going to make it…and now it looks like I might not make it either. I doubt that will be a problem since there should be several people there that can run it regardless.

Actually I should be able to go still, but that sucks that you can’t.

I’ll just record matches, see if anyone else wants to write up brackets~

Hype that shit and don’t forget vids! :bgrin:

I’ll bring 16 man brackets tomorrow since I don’t expect too many people to come. ):

yeah apparently they decided to hold a random tournament last night so lord wonder if anyone is going to show up today

hay great, get mad at me because niggas think a week is too early for a tournament, then they run one the day before i was going to