One hand is really spammy, what do I do?


Ok so my left hand is super panicky when playing games, and it makes it difficult for me to pull off specials with a pad, but when I play on pc with arrowkeys and asdzxc, my timing is off cause I’m mashing all the time. When I play fps I can occupy my fingers with bhopping or something like that, I don’t know of anything similar in fighting games. I feel like I should probably have both hands working fine to play well, but until I figure out how to deal with it, I thought I’d ask around. The only thing I can think of is to play really normal-focused characters so I don’t have to do specials as much. What characters in usf4 are like this?(i’m too poor to buy V rn and a rl friend plays 4 as well)




Simple solution, stop spamming your fingers.
It shouldn’t even be a problem in the first place. The ONLY reason why i’m thinking this might be a problem is because you are not actually thinking while playing.

In real life, do you do uncontrolled movements? No, ofcourse not, why would you do this then in a videogame.

There is no character you can play if you can’t input a special move on command.


Idk man, I knew this dude that I was trying to teach to do a qcf move. Literally every time he’d press down with his left hand, he’d press punch with the other. So he kept getting like crouch jabs instead of w/e special move he was trying to do. I told him this, but even with him knowing what he was doing, he couldn’t stop himself from pressing punch every time he pressed down. The input display would show Down, Punch, Down-forward, Forward + Punch.

Some people can’t control their hands man.


There are many reasons, medical or otherwise, why some people can’t control their hands other than not thinking. Regardless of the reason though, manual dexterity is pretty important for fighting games (duhhh). If you absolutely CAN NOT control the “spamming” I’d suggest talking to your doctor.

Regardless of your character, if you lack manual dexterity, along with your actual opponent you’re fighting your controller and your body’s nervous system.

IDK, maybe try an RTS or MOBA instead of fighting games?


Well, it’s not terribly inhibiting, just a tad frustrating. When I’m is a stressful situation, it becomes more apparent. I really don’t like rts/moba cause they take way too much time and they’re slow.

I guess you’re right, it’s probably just I need to be disciplined enough to just not do it.


Try to calm down and avoid doing random stuff, think about any input you make. When executing combos or specials / ultras, check your inputs. You want clean inputs, so stop quadruple tapping of buttons to hit the next link. All of that might slow your play down at first, but it’s like learning an instrument: You learn to play a scale clean and slow, than you can slowly increase your speed when you got the mechanics down. Hold down back if you need to constantly occupy your fingers.


since movement is the core value of every fighting game then you should be practicing you movement first
then work in other complex motions. since movement encompasses one hand it should be easy for you to think out your inputs. this will also allow you to have a more observational approach to your opponent. as the above posts say you have to start off slow to get some tread.

in soul calibur in order to do just frames with setsuka and yoshimistu I used to have a weird tick where I needed to hit a secondary button to confirm some of them (I know its stupid) but i used to have a button set to nothing so that i wouldnt inhibit myself.
so maybe dead buttons will work also. just set a button to nothing so that the command history will show it but you arent throwing out any unneeded animation.

eventually you should take this off sort of like training wheels.


Go thru the motions slowly to pracice(without the game on) speed up over time and soon enough u will stop mashing.


I fap everytime my hand gets sporadic
that usually calms me down
if it doesn’t
I fap until it does
my av helps me


Try smoking some pot or drinking a glass of wine to see if it will help your nerves calm down a bit.