One hit kills



okay so my team is Nova a/ doom b / stryder y.

the most damage i seem to be able to get out with nova is about 740-760 ish with hk loops and styder assist helping out, i mainly play locally with some friends and one in particular is giving me well loads of grief, he plays hulk backed up by sentinal and deadpool so he gets in pretty easy and has unblockables when he is in .Its very frustrating to play and with all hulks health i have to hit him with like 3 throws or two full combos to kill him and he just mashes h and kills me in one hit.

anyway my real question is does anybody know any combos that do over 1,100,000 consistently without using spencers slant shot or x factor?


Vergil DHC into sword loops will get you over 1,100,000.

TAC into doom could probably get you it too.

Or you could also snap in sentinel and put a stop to the person’s shenanigans. Plus Hulk anchor is horrible.


lol thanks, yeah usually i try to take out sentinal and hulks no problem lol
TAC into doom? how would that net ova 1,100,000? i did try messin with nova doom tac’s and it comes down to the corner and hitting his loops but i cant find a way to set it up. i can dhc into doom for around 910 000 ish but that the most i get. i dunno do you think maybe its best just to x factor at the start of a combo to make sure i kill hulk off? also how is hulk a horrible anchor? he controls the horizontal space like a mutha and just knocks you out of the air with his super.


End the Doom TAC combo with a level 3. I think will probably do it.

For your throws, are you hard tagging into doom to get a full unscaled combo?

End a combo with a throw reset and then hard tag doom. That can probably kill hulk with one hit.


Learn doom infinites


Learn the Doomface TACs if you have doom 2nd… this can turn an awkward confirm into a dead character
and they are eeeeeeaaaassssyyyyy
Also (with this team) you can use corner Airthrows to setup doom for a free unscaled combo to doom DHC into nova should be a cool Million (or more… you do have strider)

I know Missiles is good, but for Nova use Plasma Beam, especially since you already have Strider covering the anti air route.
The TACs are retarded on this team, and Both Nova and Doom have easy infinites though you may not need to use them


thanks for all the advice, never thought of hard tagging doom in after a throw in the corner but thats such a sick idea being that nova throws are so beastly and hje has easy throw setups, i always thought the doom infinites where retarded hard so i never bothered learning them for now,i think thats gonna have to be mt next stop training wise tho. i dunno if i miss typed it but yea im using plasma beam and not missiles.


I play Nova/Dante/Strider and I’ve experimented with Nova/Doom/Strider.

Doom’s plasma beam is good because it prevents Nova from getting outzoned. It doesn’t pin them long enough to establish multiple mixups but you can easily get an overhead in once you’re close. Strider, which I’ve been saying forever, is one of Nova’s best assists. It pins your opponent to the ground, prevents up+back, lets you confirm off of all your cent rushes, extends his combos, gives you an additional layer of mixups, and gives you access to one of the best anchors in the game.

As far as what you’re asking, you can TAC to Doom whenever you like if you can’t kill off of one touch, which should net you 950K+, Off of any air throw you should be able to raw tag Doom. I don’t know if you can do it midscreen like Dante, but definitely in the corner. Once you establish their fear of the Doom TAC, you can start establish TAC resets, since Nova has a pretty good one like Magneto.


ok i can defo do the doom hard tag of an air throw in the corner but the hit stun scaling is pretty intense, usually i can get four reps then super but after the throw he falls out after the second loop, also im pretty confused how tac work like can choose which side you come in at or which character? also what is a tac reset?

yes stryder and nova are amazing together, it help his zoning out so much that he can really start to hold his own agaist some zoning teams and also like marvelo said helps extend all his combos.


All I can say is you better start investing in learning Spencer lmaooooo