One month?! argh, udon, ya gotta help!


sup udon.

this comic is awesome, keep up the good work!

but, one month of waiting for an issue?! i know it’s standard and all, but this comic is so great i want to see more ya know what i mean?

i mean, you think there’s anyway you can have like…2 teams working on the SF series? so you can come up with 2 issues per month?

i think this will def be a godsend to all the fans of this comic.

i know it’s prob not the ideal way for many reasons unknown to me. but it’s just that, manga artists of japan come up with issues every week…granted they’re black and white, they still look great and it moves the story foward. with all the coloring done with the SF comic so it can have that anime feeling is great and all, which is why i suggested the 2 teams working on it.

just an idea =).


oh i forogt:

what does everyone else think??

yay or nay?



Dude, we’re getting a super high quality produced by people who love the game as much as we do. If you love Udon so much do what I do; support their other books. Spread the word around. I’ve already gotten 3 more people buying the Street Figher series. Awareness is everything.


It would be cool for 2 a month, but there is no way they are gonna do all that work. If they wanna hire me I’ll be happy to help them out.:slight_smile: You can wait a month it’s not that long.


i say Yay to it, but i’m willing to wait a month.


Isn’t once a month how long one usually waits for a common comic book issue?


To be honest, I have thought about that. Being born in Hong Kong and moved to Canada since 16 years old, I am spoiled by the fact that I read all sorts of “comics”, from the American stuff to HK books to Japanese Manga. And when I started working n the industry, I can’t help but comparing the module of the 3 markets.

HK has these weekly or bi-weekly comics that are 3 pages but it is done by about 30 people each issue. This would give you super detailed prolonged fight sequences that drags on forever (those who read books like Storm Raiders would know what I mean) and of coz more detailed story telling. Unfortunately, story is never a strong point in HK books and it is always about the action.

US Comics, monthly, 22 pages. Really, there is not much room to do anything. You are obligated to cramp as much stuff in it as possible. Try stretching out the story to 2 or 3 issues and people get impatiance and stop buying saying it’s boring.

Well, Japan… what can I say. Manga is part of the Japanese’s live.

I am planning on doing more possibly for year 2: the Tournament arc, as we want to have longer fight scenes interchanging with the main story. Like issue 2, when you guys said E-Honda doesn’t even got a chance to fight back. We know! But at this point, we just wanna establish the story more solid, move it along to build a solid foundation. Then we can play with a lot of other stuff.

Issue 3, the Ken VS Vega (I don’t think this is a spoiler… coz I believe you all do expect them to fight, right?) sequence is at least a bit longer…


haha, hey udon, i’m in HK right now! i live in NY but came to HK to try and make it in the entertainment field here. you miss HK at all?? it’s starting to get cooler now, thank God! mong kok, sino centre is my only source for your comic right now. =)

well, my take on the comics.

well, HK comics…bleh. even though they come out on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, their art work and story telling is really not…up to snuff. storm riders is pretty much my only fav HK comic. everything else is crap. and you can’t deny that EVERY FRIGGIN comic looks the same!! currently, i’ve been buying the recently released SvC chaos comic…it’s…not good. why do i buy it if it’s not good?? so i can get my SF fix. ugh, i’m gonna stop, seriously.

oh and by the way, if you can, pick up the latest issue #6 with ken and geese on the cover…i think you’ll find something very familiar in it. TRUST ME. let’s just say, HK comics are notorious for “borrowing things”.

on japanese manga, you’re right, it is pretty much a huge part of their culture, that’s why it comes out the way it does.

don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the one month per issue thing, i’m used to it cuz i’ve collected comics since i can remember. i’ve stopped for a while now and just got back into it cuz of SF and the TF series. but SF is just so good that i’m sure we all want more of it. lol, if you can have 2 issues per month, and they end up looking like the HK comics…HELL NO. lol, forget it. go back to the once a month thing.

well, i’ve rambled on long enough. again, i’m impressed with how the SF comic is coming along and am very happy that someone is finally doing a SF comic that has awesome art and that i can READ! (the different japanese mangas of SF are either in chinese or japanese, and i can’t read both…so)

udon…GAH YOW!!!