One Must Fall 2097

Anyone play/remember this old pc gem from '94 by Epic Megagames (now just Epic Games)? Giant robots fighting galore! Tournament mode and all the unranked challengers was good fun back in the day. Not too mention all the death combo shenanigans you could do in hyper mode. Good times.

Good times indeed. I used to play this with my brother and cousins all the time.
And according to this, there’s netplay available.

I played the shit out of this game.

Electra is god tier, but Gargoyle is the best character. If you want me to rank the robots, I can still do that off the top of my head.

I remember Gargoyle was the shit, and Electra had an infinite, right? Other than that, I think Shadow sucked.

This game is ill. I main rehit Pyros. Get at me for matches!!

Electra’s got an infinite when you pump up its stats, but its godtierness stemmed from its ridiculous priority on its jumping punch and its low fierce and, in Rehit mode, its insane combo ability after its throw.

Shadow was pretty bad, one of the worst throws in the game if not the worst and in the current version, no real anti-air ability to speak of (in the first versions, Shadow Grab hit on the way up, making it viable anti-air). On the plus side, if you do get a rehit combo, he can go pretty crazy, and if your agility points are reasonably high, it can do a relatively easy infinite (Shadow Slide over and over, with the occasional Shadow Punch if they start to get hit too high).

Tiers off the top of my head:

Top: Electra, Gargoyle, Katana
Upper: Shredder, Flail, Chronos
Mid: Nova, Thorn, Pyros
Low: Shadow, Jaguar

Only the low tier characters I think actively suck, and Jaguar can actually reasonably be a counter character for Gargoyle.

I’m assuming that tier listing isn’t rehit, correct?

It is actually. There’s no reason to play OMF without Rehit and Hyper mode on.

Jaguar is low tier because other than Gargoyle it basically has no good matches. The projectile helps it less than you’d think because the Jaguar Leap is pretty easy beat and other than the painfully slow C.Fierce he has nothing else in the way of anti-air. He’s just generic as all hell. However, it is unique in that his Overhead Throw can negate Gargoyle’s DP, one of the few moves in the game that can do so, and since Gargoyle’s main strength is being able to DP, Jaguar can fight it.

Yeah, I used to main Jaguar back then and he really didn’t have anything so special other than Overhead Throw. But I don’t remember what’s so great about Katana.

It’s been s long since I last played that I don’t even remember about the different modes and stuff. I do remember you could tweak with the speed and throw range, wich was pretty fun and lead to some insane matches.

I wonder how this game would work on a tournament…

Katana has great priority, easy combo ability, and you can’t neglect the only truly invincible move in the game; while it’s not safe if blocked, the fear of it can help you in a fight and can get you out of things like Nova’s smash/grenade shenanigans. Also, in rehit mode, any stand jab that connects as anti-air = free dizzy.

Any videos?

Plenty on youtube:


Yeah, I really don’t remember much about the game. Gonna download it and refresh my memory…
I do remember I liked the controls: f+atack button = light attack, attack button = medium attack, b+attack button = hard attack.

hmmm I was thinking that both Chronos and Pyros were up a little higher (Pyros especially due to his damage output).

Chronos has a lot of good stuff; you can’t corner him and traps don’t work on him very well. He’s a good character, his pressure’s just not as good as Electra’s or Katana’s. It’s on par with Shredder’s.

Pyros is just a little bit clunky is all. He’s one of my favorites, though; lots of combo possibilities.


i had the shareware version I saved on 11 disks that I played the shit out of


Holy shit, I never thought I’d see a thread on this game. This is all I played back in the day haha. CHRONOS FTW!!

Oh wow. OMF2097, this was one of my favourite games as a kid. I never ever had anyone to play against though. But I spent hours pummeling the computer. I’ll definitely take a look at those videos, see how competitive play looks. Maybe I’ll get into it…

From what I remember, The computer was pretty crap. something like a Kick and a back punch over and over again while holding db would win every match…

I also remember just repeating shadow grab and shadow dive with shadow… Silly cpu… (I was like… in grade 1-5…)

edit: aww, those videos were against CPUs.