One of my buttons doesn't work anymore


I opened it up and unplugged the quick disconnect and put it back on and I still get no response. This happened after my little niece was banging on the buttons. I swear she’s like the best at breaking stuff.


Short the QDs and see if a game registers the input for the button it used to go to.


or try hooking that wire up to a different swtch and use that switch in question on a wroking wire. This should breakdown the problem better.


That’s more work than just shorting the wires, and gives the same conclusion (switch is or is not working).


What do you mean by short the QDs? I don’t really make joysticks, I just play.


He means to touch the QD’s together directly instead of attaching them to the switch.


Yes, what that does is the same thing as pressing down a button with a working switch.


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