One of my sanwa buttons is sticking


it wont go up quickly like the others its really annoying how can i fix it




what model stick is it on:


what would a picture do? its a TE stick one of the sanwa buttons when u press it down it goes back up very slowly not like the other ones that pop right back up… havent u ever felt a sticking button? it happens on keyboards too


take it out put it in a bag of alchol shake it around for a few minutes and let it sit for a while then let it dry and put it back in stick! that or swap it with one of your lesser used buttons


ok i put it in a zip lock bag filled with rubbing alcohol. ill let it sit for 5 mins


^ you where very vague man I sensed frustration all joking aside

^if you can’t or don’t want to open it call madcatzs


the alocohol fixed it. thanks


Way cool, taking me back to the nes days (street fighter 2010 is still the jam…get me some alchohol and swabs… stat!!)


i dont think the button was the problem. i had the same problem after i had put an octo gate in mine. it turned out that all the wiring inside was bunched up and pushing against the button. once i moved the wiring around it was all fixed. i’m guessing once you took the button out to put it in alcohol you moved the wiring out of the way. maybe thats what fixed it


nope when i took the button out i could feel it sticking


how did you take the button out? can I do this to? my button is also sticking. what do I exactly have to remove? never opened this stick :confused: (also have TE)


shits mad easy

you need 4 things

1 philips head screw driver
2 a flat head screw driver
3 rubbing alcohol
4 some type of container i use ziplock bag so i can press the button down as its submerged in alcohol

hope this helped you guys


cool fix. what exactly is the alcohol doing, lifting dirt off the plastic? and this is safe with the microswitch still attached?


you aren’t submersing the entire button in alcohol, on the plunger part (aka the top part you push in). the alcohol is probably removing all the gunk on the sides of the button so theres no friction when its going up and down