One of the nuts fell off the top of my TE stick

Took off the panel for a bit. Issue is when I put it back on, one of the nuts popped off when I was putting in a screw, so now the screw just sits there and will fall off if I tilt the stick forward. Any idea how I would go about putting that nut back into the stick?

There is no nuts for the top panel. The plastic housing it self has threads. I am assuming you stripped the threads.

Only solution is to pop off the bottom panel and add a nut from below.

There is a nut in there. I’m holding it right now. Not sure where else it could have come from.

No, there are nuts in the case. Private Eyeball ain’t crazy. :lol:

What actually is the case (unless the newer Tournament Edition sticks changed their design) is that the top hex screws on the TE are held there by nuts. You don’t tend to notice these nuts since the nuts themselves are “hidden” so to speak and held in place by the TE’s plastic housing. The plastic housing has a small molded area where the nuts are held in place. If you’re a bit rough with them, the nuts may fall out.

I actually this happen to me with a few TEs I’ve modded before. Someone may have a better suggestion, but what I did was I held the nut in place and screwed in the bolt as far as I could to hold the nut steady. After that, I took super glue and dabbled a bit with my fingers on the rim around the nut. After you dab it and let the glue sit for a few minutes, carefully unscrew the bolt since you don’t want the bolt to get stuck there permanently due to super glue. The sticks I’ve done this to haven’t had any problems thus far with those nuts at least.

That’s pretty much the same way I did it, except I used a glue gun and let it sit after a bit. It seems like that’s what Mad Catz did as well. The glue will eventually wear off after heavy use (like the MC one did) but it won’t be permanent if you fuck up royally.

Thanks guys. Seems to have worked. Let’s just hope that its going to play nice when I get around to ordering my new art and plexi.

Now i just need to figure out how to get the super glue off my fingertips…

If you put it on ice you have 24 hours to get to a hospital to re-attach it.

What I like to do is to disassemble the TE stick so that I can take the top and bottom half apart. You can easily access the nuts from the underside. So you can place the nut in and then use super glue to affix it to the case.

Once you get it back in, use some glue to keep in in place (or better yet, Loctite aka that red gunk).

When I get my plexi and such, I’ll remove the panel and be able to better get in there. I didn’t feel like taking out all the buttons and such tonight…

I probably should order that plexi in the next couple weeks so I can do all of that before school starts…