One of the worst Skateboarding accidents I have ever seen

And by some miracle, he walks away from it:


My mother almost had a heart attack when she saw that. I honestly was in shock for about a minute. Really scary shit.

Yeah wow. I almost teared up for the guy for a second there. Glad he was alright. Those X-Games guys sure are crazy/brave to do the things they do, but man you GOTTA have some sort of respect for 'em. It’s badass. =D

Man that was pretty bad… What event was that?


Ouch…glad he’s alright. Yeah those X-games don’t fuck around.:sweat:


Dope, being lazy got me, title description…

I think the ramp would have broke his fall, he’s a lucky guy he didn’t hit the concrete otherwise I don’t think he would have got back on his feet. He certainly wouldn’t be walking off that’s for sure…

Don’t know how I missed this but:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Best thing I ever saw, most epic skateboard bail ever.

The other vids on that guy’s channel were weak compared to that one… Deffinately a top bail…

That was one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen…

but it wasn’t as funny as this: