One Person, One Letter


Netplay is an impartant element of video games now.But snkp always fail in this part.KOF13 is a good game and my favorite snkp game in recent years.Netplay sould not be the stumbling block of populariztion of kof13.Please write down some advices about it in following site before coming of console version.
Thank you very much.


Wow, is this really impartant? Where is a mod when you need them.


yes.It is better to send a mail before release than to complain to snk about netplay after release.


They don’t give a shit

Your thread is massive fail


You don’t know till you try.kof13 is the game i look forward to the most in recent years.I don’ want to give up.Please try it together.


People still have faith in SNKP regarding netcode? Wow.

Anyway, see you guys online. Laggy matches FTW. No HD combos. Gonna spam Iron Trigger till guard crush. YOSH!


FUCK THAT SHIT. I’m gonna Jax it up and use Goro and do ground pound loops and use the lag to make sure they’ll never get out. Doing that was more fun then power of Science, Gadget Finger, FOR MOTHER RUSSIA and another Gadget Finger.


But NGBC netplay is smooth.


I’ll give you a serious answer okay?, they’re not gonna listen to us if we send a letter in English because well yeah they don’t speak it, but here’s a better idea, you’re orginally from KOF Union (KOF website based in China) yes? how about you rally together some of your people and get them to e-mail SNK HK? and if any of them are familiar with kanji characters have them e-mail the Japanese website instead.

Because let’s be honest, you guys have a better chance of than we do if we want to get anything done this way, personally I’d rather see someone just walk into their office in Japan and start slappin’ dudes left and right but yeah.


You can’t blame the guy for trying. I’d rather see this then just bitching without doing anything.


Yes,i am originally from kofunion.Thanks for your advices.I have added snkp hk email address in kofunion thread.I originally thought that because english is world language and because our demands are simple,they will at least roughly understand it,and it is more effective to send mails to parent company than subsidiary company.Besides what people want,how many people want is more important.There are not enough people in kofunion.We still need your help.


Sure thing


I replaced the link here with snk usa email address and the link in kofunion with snk hk email address.Thanks for your advices again.


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You are right.I sent snkp hk a mail in chinese yesterday.Then i get a reply today.I have totally sent snk jp four mails since several months ago,but i have not received any reply yet.