One Piece avatar request

I’m a huge One Piece fan so I decided that it’s time to change my Mihawk avatar (I’ve had for a long time) for a new one after I saw this CG artwork:

As you can see the original artwork background is white, so I will let your imagination run wild when creating a BG for the avatar. I would prefer something with the topic of pirates, so maybe a world/treasure map.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

heh if no one is taking this can i try?

:slight_smile: here

Well, my nickname is missing, sorry for not being specific about the font or anything. I would like in red but with a classic feeling (maybe cursive?).

Anyway, Luffy looks pretty badass in that avatar, I like the touch of blood on his eyes.

Thanks a lot and sorry for being so picky. :slight_smile:



Sorry, I just checked the forums this morning and I didn’t see your reply.

im just curious where’s that mihawk guy from man,looks tough?..


He is also from One Piece, in the storyline he is one of the Seven Seas (Shichibukai) pirates. Those are powerful pirates that work for the Marines by catching other pirates and giving the percentage from the treasure for the government. In exchange, the government doesn’t mess with them and forgive their piracy.

Do you want me to make one? Cuz if so ill make one.

Oh, you would? Thanks, I would appreciate if you made it. :slight_smile:

BTW I forgot to add one more detail, is it possible if you use an old looking map for the background? I already look everywhere for a good pic but I haven’t found it.

Hey Testament X can I get the pic of Mihawk facing backwards? Thanks.:slight_smile:

so its an anime then?..never heard of it,and yeah he looks like a pirate guy,cool,have any links to some pic of this one peice thing.


Well dude i gave it a shot and here ya go.

Ohh I will keep that one. :smiley: The touch up you did with the colors is beautiful.

Thanks a lot both monkeyspank and Dark_Gouken, you guys got serious skills.