One piece avatar thread

Hey lets do this! Who wants an avatar? These are my rules…

Plz Provide pics

I cant rip a scene very well on this laptop but i can make animated avatars. If anyone wants to help you can just say so and ill add ya.

Contributers: Monkeyspank.

Requests: White Shadow. (done)



Ill add some more av’s later lol i dont have any on here sides mine and this one ^,

The photo of Pops with he hand outstretched plz which could fade into the scene @ 2:11 of this intro: [media=youtube]A4nPbWnIDgY[/media] . Coloring would be appreciated. :pleased:

Thanks in Advance!

Ok just bare with me my laptop sucks im’a try my best tp rip the scene :sad:

Regular size
Coloring if you feel like it
Shiryuu’s face as seen in the link

Thank you!

I am a novice at coloring (ie. tried it out today) unfortunately I don’t even know what this guy’s colors are supposed to look like…

The size is big because I am preserving the colors…making it under 19.5 kb would probably require changing the transitions. I also went with a static pic of the scene (via alt+printscrn) since animating it would definitely be over the normal size limit.

I appreciate the effort. But there’s 2 things I was wondering if you could alter- Whitebeard’s mustache in the manga pic, could you make that the white/greyish color? and on 2:11 of the video, there’s actually a frame RIGHT at the beginning where the credits don’t cover Whitebeard.

Sorry if that’s too much to ask. :sweat:

Made those changes and changed the transitions for better color (hopefully)

[quote=“savaii64, post:7, topic:94154”]

Made those changes and changed the transitions for better color (hopefully)]

Ahh good shit sir! I was thinking how i would fit wb in there with his coat moving lol.


Thank you both. If only I had Prem then I’d really want the coat moving. lol

Tried to get the coat moving. Can’t stress enough how the normal filesize is crap-tier :lol:

lol It’s no prob man. I didn’t even think this was possible. :tup:

could you possibly put these two images together? use luffy from the first one and put akainu in the background from the 2nd. hopefully you can color akainu if thats possible. thanks. oh and i just need the regular size avatar.

A color picture of akainu would be nice.

MSpank, I think you should add a rule that if someone wants something colored, they provide some sort of colored source as a reference. It helps those who are casual watchers of the anime/readers of the manga like myself.

I didnt think it was that big of deal cuz everyone has just about the same colored skin in one piece. Akainu hasnt been in the anime that i know of so just free ball the coloring. WB,BB,Shanks everyone else has so its no biggy.

Hmm sure i think i know what u have in mind.

Can I get one of Sanji?

Premium size
bottom frame where’s he mr. prince.

would love it animated, but havent come up with a concept or anything. if you do, feel free to work it.

Can I get one of Shanks please?

This wallpaper, but smaller. I would like for it to be as big as a non premium member can get.
If you can remove all text that would be great. Also if you have any ideas to make it better please feel free to let your creative juices flow. Sorry that sounded less weird in my head.

Explore Alna James

akainu’s colours if it helps

K ill do em before i sleep, im playing a lil LOD right now

sorry i was playing too much lol, man that game reminds me of ff7 but with dragons lol. Ill do em tomorrow, it’ll give me something to do in the morning…

I would love an animated one of Boa. She is the hotness!!!

Here ya go guys, I made shiryuu like bison cept for his outside coat im not too sure what color that is lol. Also for the luffy and akainu one well it came out kinda cramped but here ya go.