One Piece Fighters: Fighting for OP or Grand Battle?

Alright, so I have the opportunity to pick up either One Piece: Grand Battle Combat Rush! at $30, or Fighting for One Piece at $33. I have recently become a big OP fan, so I’m looking for a game that’ll satisfy my need for OP action while actually being a fun fighter. I understand neither one probably has that much depth, but between the two, which is the superior game?

I head Fighting for One Piece was ass while Rush, though simple, is actually fun and has some advanced stuff to find out. You may consider getting One Piece Grand Adventure, which was just released in the US this week, however, because it is essentially the same thing a Rush but better. It’s a US-only version where you get new stages and eight additional characters but lose two in the process (Foxy and Aokiji(sp?)), which are only available in Rush.

I have Fighting for One Piece and all i have to say is that the game is HORRIBLE. The game is just too limited with a very small movesets. You can only do one attack at a time and the only way you can chain those up is to activate a “hyper mode”. Overall the game is filth.

So the obvious choice would be Grand Battle:tup:

Well, the general consensus around the intarweb appears to be that Fighting for OP is ass and Grand Battle is good, so that answers that. I’d prefer not to get Grand Adventure, as I dispise the OP dub with a passion…