One Piece: Gigant Battle

Probably posted about in other threads, but I think it could get it’s own as it is a fighting game.(and possibly one with WiFi) So it may potentially interest those outside of the One Piece Fanbase.

Gigant Battle is a One Piece fighting game being developed by Ganbarion for the Nintendo DS. It looks extremely similar to Jump Super/Ultimate Stars but without the Koma system.

I’ll try to update the OP as more things are released.

**Ganbarion Blog
Play-Asia link. Release Date 09-09-2010

Jump Scans:

Impel Down Scan

Marineford StoryMode

Strong World Promotion

Marineford Stage

Schichibukai Scan

Golden Lion Tie-In

More Marineford Reveals

Kind of a rough draft. I’ll clean it up and add to it as time goes on


Looks sexy. I just hope the battle system is more refined and more balanced.

Man they had a lot of spoiler anime footage lol.

Not that I’m unhappy to FINALLY see a new One Piece game in the works but WHEN are we gonna see a new console game?!

Well, the sprites do look look fantastic, which means that sprite rippers are gonna have a field day soon.

This game is confirmed to not have WiFi, correct?

Hmm, am I actually going to have to turn on my DS again?

Looks pretty fun.

I think

kind of killed alot of my interest when I didn’t see it in the PV

Enlarge and polish the sprites slap it on Xbox and ps3 and let the work do itself from there