One Piece Grand Adventure Revival Thread


What is One Piece Grand Adventure (OPGA)?
OPGA was a platform/arena fighter similar to Power Stone that was released in late 2006. It was a follow up to One Piece Grand Battle Rush which came out the previous year. Mechanics were changed to make the game a bit faster and combos smoother.
The game is fairly simple to pick up and play, especially if you’ve played arena fighting games like Power Stone before.

Why make the thread now?
Recently there have been a few big things concerning this game that prompted me to make a new thread about it.
The first discovery was that this game run extremely smoothly over the Gamecube Emulator Dolphin, and the netplay doesn’t seem to have any problems. There is a discord that can help you find matches. It makes it so that finally people who have enjoyed the game before can play against other people who are willing to try playing it with a competitive mindset, which before was very difficult given the small player base.
The second is that I have started working on a mod for the game which remove some of the elements like how the item system functions and how meter generation works. There is an early version of this available now that has only system changes and no character specific changes.
ProviderOfSouls (P1) Vs. Giza (P2)

ProviderOfSouls (P1) Vs. Brown Spring/soul (P2)

Introduction to the Game:
This is a wonderful introductory video made a youtuber named Video Game Ignoramus. The video goes over the game’s basics and does a really good job at it. This was a huge help to me as I had been struggling getting the footage to put together my own video which I had been working on until I saw this one.

Here is another video which takes a look at the game by comparing it to another arena fighter, Shrek SuperSlam. It is part of a series about what holds most arena fighters back from being viewed as competitive games. This series is made by ProviderOfSouls. I chose his second video on the topic to represent it because there is a heavier focus on OPGA compared to the first video in the series, but I’d suggest checking both videos out.

Speculated tier list for the modded game
This is a rough estimate of the current tiers in its earliest release of the mod. Expect some of this to change when we figure out how to make a few minor character specific changes. This was ripped off the discord related to the game, but I added some to some explanations of the characters at the top and bottom.

  • SS+
    Enel : Strong combo game, powerful zoning, high damage. A good all around package. His normals are pretty quick for the amount of range they have. His unlockable has ridiculous range as well. His assist last too long which allows for his zoning/stalling game to be too strong.

  • SS
    Bon Kurei: Lots of quick safe moves that can cover a lot of distance or control a lot of space. Nice projectile, good priority, amazing range on normals. He also currently has an infinite in some situations if the opponent has no meter.

  • S
    Shanks: Rushdown and combo god. His main assist, Benn Beckman, really amplifies his combo and rushdown games to the point that he becomes one of the strongest in the game.
    Mihawk: Another combo god, but more dependent on specific set ups. His keep away game is powerful enough to force you into these set ups especially with the aid of his unspinnable assist, Greatest Impact. His rushdown and combo games aren’t as strong as Shanks’ but his other tools make up for it.
    Robin: A tricky trap character with a powerful punish game. She is hard for many characters to approach, and if her opponent makes a misstep in doing so she can easily take off a good chunk of their health.
    Smoker: A beefy character with situational combos and some very safe moves. His wall combos are pretty fun to watch and perform. He also has a ranged grab special that can catch a lot of people off guard especially after he pushblocks back their attack.
    Nami: A fairly zoning character with a wide range of projectiles and tools. She also has a unique ability to push out a large amount of meter from her opponents. She has decent range on her moves, which have average speed. A very well rounded, and above average, character with a bit more of an emphasis on her zoning tools which shoots her up into this tier.

  • A
    Kuina, Kuro, Chopper, Ace, Cockodile, Usopp, Luffy

  • B
    Zoro, Sanji, Zeff, Wapol, Vivi, Buggy, Don Krieg, Arlong

  • C
    Ohm: A little too slow and some of moves have weird hitboxes that dont protect him if the opponent is in his face.
    Tashigi: Lots of damage but has a hard time getting a chance to do it. Too slow and doesn’t have enough safe moves.


This is a really good 3D fighter that’s one of a kind. Don’t skip this one out if you’re either a fighting game enthusiast or if you enjoy games like Power Stone. There are players in the Discord server ready to help you and possibly play some games with you if you decide it’s something you want to try, and I definitely recommend you try it out! You can join the Discord here.