One Piece: Grand Battle Rush Discussion Thread


I doubt there are many people on these forums that actually purchased this game, but I Implore you to come and share you feelings about it and discuss it thoroughly.
There isn’t much depth to it, but I am slwoly discovering more and more about each character.

For example, Sanji:
Many characters (this far into playing this) have a special move that can be connected from a normal attack due to lag. Sanji, on the other hand has one that 90% lands after an attack:

Jumping X -> L+B,A

It can connect because you do the command during his downward frames and connects after the second hit of his strong attack.

Tiers for obscure games

Can you tell me how this game plays. I saw it on the imports but I have no clue about the gameplay. I like watching one piece on sunday mornings when it comes on.


I plays alot like Power Stone, you move around freely in an interactive areans, will picking up power ups/items/ etc.

There is a normal attack button, fierce attack button, throw button, and jump button. The other buttons are block and one that requires you press it along with others in order to perfom supers.

There’s much more depth than that, but it isn’t worth mentioning at this point in time.


Well I sorta liked power stone. Now tell me this, is it a quailty title and worth the bread?


Well, if you’re a OP fan, then yes I supoose it is worth the money. I’ve only had it for a week and haven’t had the opportunity to really get immersed in it, but so far I really enjoy it. There isn’t any four player mode, which strikes me as very odd, but there are other things to do aside from the fighting; there are mini games and plenty of unlockables. But I don’t see this game as being one of my extreme favorites.
From what I can tell you this far, it’s alot of fun, and there are possible other things I have yet to discover.


Or you can just burn it if you’re scared of wasting money. I don’t play it much, though.


From what little I played of it, I like it. Its made me laugh just as the manga and the anime do.


I’ve had since it first came out…but I don’t regard myself as an expert player anyway. It’s really fun, and even if some chars seem overpowered at higher levels the most underrated ones win easily (Usopp and Chopper)

Random fact: Robin with a sword powerup owns anything else too easily.


this game is the best grand battle series IMO,i love how they put in Assist Chars (some have 1,2 or 3). Also some of the Desperate move the scene changes (example: Luffy vs Enel). They also brought back some old characters (Arlong, Buggy, Don Krieg, Kuro) and ofcourse the new character Foxy. only thing i missed about this game is that they took out ACE!!! (guy in Agmaster’s AV). also try out the Davey Back Fight mini games

i didnt think it was a waste of money since im a huge fan of one piece
also cant wait for the new one piece game for PS2


It’s probably useless, but I’ll resurrect this thread anyway. I hope someone will find useful the little tricks I found out while playing this:


  1. Gomu Gomu no Stomp (the L1,X,X super) can be charged;

2)His L1,X,square super can be lenghtened by tapping square;

3)his arm stretch move (L1+x) can be lenghtened holding X;

4)During the O,O,X finisher, you can hold/release X to decide when he’ll attack;

5)This is useless gameplay wise, but when he fights Crocodile, Ener or Kiji, his voice changes…dramatically.


  1. His O,X finisher (azure petals swirling around him) boosts his attack

  2. If he’s set on fire, His Onigiri will change to “Burning Onigiri”. This move can be charged too.


  1. His O,X finisher can be charged;

  2. His L1,X,O super’s invincible frames can be shortened tapping O


  1. Pressing L1,X,X will make him take out the impact dial to absorb damage. When the dial emits a white spiral, press triangle, and you’ll use the super


  1. Her super starter bounces back when it hits walls


1)His R1+X+O counterattack makes him roll around when hit by ground attacks, but grabs opponents who attack him in mid-air


  1. Miss Golden Week is the best assist in the game…if played well. It’s not cheap as Mihawk’s.


1)You can speed up the cannon’s pace during his L1,X,triangle super by tapping triangle

2)His R1+X+O charges items with the Slow beam.


  1. His L1,X,square super can be prolonged by tapping square.


1)His R1+X+O has priority over almost any physical attack…even midair ones.


  1. In his taunt, you’ll see him with 1,2,3,4,5 grenades…do the R1+X+O and he’ll throw all of them.

  2. His MH5 (L1,X,triangle super) can be changed into a shuriken barrage by pressing triangle while the bullet’s flying.


  1. when his Desperate move starter’s first dash ends, you can dash in another direction by pressing in that particular direction with the stick.

  2. His X,X,O finisher can be held as much as you like. It’s useless damage-wise though.


  1. His desperate move’s starter can be held a little bit.

  2. Taunting with him will reveal his poisoned hook. If the hook parries too many hits, it’ll become a dagger, which will radically change his R1+O.

Mr 2

  1. I don’t know If I can explain this well…Every combo coomand he has can be held, resulting in him spinning around (the spinning does not damage your foe). Basically you can delay any combo as much as you like.

  2. His taunt poisons the enemy

  3. His “kiss” O,O,X move confuses the opponent, and can be charged

  4. His dog support packs a lotta punch.


1)His O,O,O finisher must be delayed in order to hit the opponent


1)His R1+X can be charged for added damage


1)Amal (His L1,X,O super) has invincible startup, deliver, everything.

  1. R1+X+O can be charged

  2. Sometimes his R1+X will aim the enemy automatically

4)His O,O,X finisher can be delayed like Luffy’s

  1. His X+O guard break has auto-aim too

  2. I cleared the snow minigame in about 2 secs with him


  1. His O,O,X finisher adds pink shit on the hilt of his sword. Do the combo again, and it becomes white shit. Do it again, and it becomes cherry petals. This boosts dramatically a lot of his moves, including the L1,X,square super, which ends up dealing 1060 damage.

2)His desperate’s starter can be moved around.

3)You can get (more or less) in an endless loop if you use his support when your foe is cornered, and use R1+o while the wave throws your foe in the air.

  1. His X,O finisher (the energy cone around him) slows the opponent a little. This means you can cancel it into anything you want, and your foe can’t do shit about that.


1)His X,O finisher (Kiji frozen) can be charged up as much as you want.

  1. You can change his Ice Whip (R1+X) direction after it starts

  2. His L1,X,O super is only effective against already frozen foes

I’ll probably post more later…


Thanks for taking the time to type all this up; most of these I know, but some I did not.
Good job, Klash.:tup:


Not sure if this is just me, but Robin can be a pain in the ass.

Playing as her, get the first hit and then press and hold R1 + O (I belive its O though it could be X, its the ground version) and have them block that. If they do so, she’ll keep on doing the ground move over and over again locking down the opponent if they’re blocking (as long as you hold that command down).


BTW have you guys seen Fight For One Piece? It looks awesome!!!:bgrin:


I saw some pics of its covers. And indeed it looks nice. Hopefully it’ll play nice too.


I thought about getting this game…I had the first one. It was nice, but lacked depth…this problem is normally corrected in newer versions. Fight for One Piece looks awesome…anyone played it?


I never played Fighting for the One Piece, but I’ve only heard negative opinions about it:

Too few characters: the crew, the Logias, and Franky.
Simplistic gameplay: you can perform any special anytime you want, even the most damaging ones. As you can imagine, this takes a lot of strategy away.
no extras: just story mode, survival, and some team battle thing.

ShinjiGohan: do you mean the R1+x+O move (where many hands sprout and hit the enemy 4-5 times)? I never tried that. I’ll get to it.

Random thing I found out:

If you freeze an object and toss it at the enemy, it’ll cause him/her to lose fruits.

I don’t know for sure if Mihawk energy wave is blockable or not. Sometimes I’ve blocked it, but it doesn’t work everytime.

Listening to the voice test, I’ve heard quite a few that I never heard in actual gameplay…like Ener saying “Mamaragan”, Usopp saying “Impact” and Krieg with “MH5”.

Btw, if you use MH5, and follow immediately with Needle Machine Gun, Krieg will still have his gas mask on.


I’ll see if I can record it for ya and put it on putfile

and yes it is r1 + x, just make sure they block it and they’re locked down.


Is there a One Piece fighter that isn’t all childishly super-deformed like the one that just came out in america? If that game had regular-proportioned characters like the anime instead of exaggerated kid-friendly visuals, I’d have bought it. But I HATE the Big-head style…makes it look like a kid’s game. They didn’t have to do that to this game. Bad enough that they dubbed it. So, you guys are saying that this is a good game? Or just an “eh, at least it has SOME depth” game? I really can’t see paying what the stores are asking for this. Is it worth $50?


Fight for One Piece as regular size character proportions, but from what I here, it isn’t as good in gameplay as Grand Battle is.


Rhio, to be frank, it isn’t worth $50. Well, if you are a huge OP fan, who would buy the game more for the extras than the gameplay, then by all means buy it. But if you’re looking for depth…well I’ll just say that you find much here. Certain moves are too spammable/abusable.