One Piece Thread: Gear 2nd!


New thread for the new era.

Chapter 598 aka The Beginning of the NEW Era.

Quoted Tizoc’s original post for those not in the know (Why are you not in the know? Get to steppin’ fools! :mad: )

Can someone update with the list of filler eps after episode 138?

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In my eyes every single one of the SH crew are now supernova or higher level.

-I like luffys coat, make him look more like a top tier pirate…Hope he wears it ;p.

-From the spread( i couldnt really see it from the low hq that was provided monday) Frankys arm are new most def his whole body got an enormous upgrade.

-Ive got goosebumps how ussop has grown, simply flawless that way he walked in the bar like it was nothing. same goes for nami. ussop wearing tone dials on his ears( I also agree with this)

-I was also thinking when sanji hair parts the opposite…He is a completely different persona. This I believe will be his new kama kempo mode and his kick mode is his original parting of his eye.

-yea, zoro still a santoryu…I see that sword in the bottom. I would love to see him bring perona with them

-As for brook with soul king, too badass…most def he has some new music/illusion technique if hes been playing all this time

As for haki, I still believe for the crew to fully succeed in the new world…some sort of haki that all of them must learn.

-Those fake mugiwaras are pretty high level, prob even part of the new supernovas…since everyone that is joining them are high bounties…

It just shows how they CAN get soloed by anyone in the real SH crew. fraaaaayy.

reposting :slight_smile:


usopp and nami fucking up the new strawhats was pretty gdlk


All aboard the hype Thousand Sunny!


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No, SWBeta! You bastard! I wanted to make the new thread. sulks

It seems like the first post should probably link to Arlong Park or something too.

Nonchalantly at that. Does this make Usopp (damn he’s buff now) a gardener now too? I guess we’ll find out how those pop things work eventually.

Speaking of Nami, it’s kind of funny how she looks even more attractive now, perhaps because her body looks more realistic.

Anyway, I chuckled through the entire chapter between Brooke’s new appearance and appearance of the fakers.


Pop greens r 1337!


Yeah wtf he’s unleashing some plants on fools now lol.


Ah… good 'ol Arlong Park.

I got banned 17 times and currently under “Ban on Sight” there.

Good times. Good times. :lol:


Click smiley :rofl:

Going to work now. Will update with Arlong Park link when I get back.


Is Chopper blind now? My little bastard must have wornout his eyes reading all them books.

Hoping that Zoro’s new scar doesn’t mean he only has one eye as well, I loved his close ups when he goes off in fights.

Robin and Nami are looking delicious, at first I wasn’t sold on longer hair but after a few rereads, it works.

The only bad thing about this chapter is that it ended. Shit should have been a 40 page special, it ain’t like Jump could stand to put a story or two on the back burner for a week.


^ im going for 1eyed santoryu…too badass.


He got “Little Shop of Horrors” in a bag



Also hoping Perona joins them.

Would be awesomely awesome.


I’m actually pausing the series til January, I prefer reading the manga in batches instead of weekly chapters…most of the time ;3


^GL with that, 1 month was eating me already ;(

No one has discussed luffys growth, on how he told off boa im not marrying you…


Like hell you can!


You got some crazy ass will power my friend.


Hunh. Ruthless_nash’s post in the other thread reminded me that despite Shakky, who I’m kind of surprised is okay, saying that Franky was the second one back, he’s only person we didn’t see in newest chapter. I wonder where he is. Working on the ship, maybe?

Yeah, I’m still kind of surprised he noticed that. Then again, this is the first time that we’ve seen Boa (even more) blunt about it towards Luffy rather than pining after him behind his back or when he’s preoccupied with something else.

Not that this will stop the shippers, of course.


Well they insinuated that Luffy absorbed the crash course something fierce…so I’m assuming his haki game is on a whole nother tier…and he’s DF actually REALLY works well with Haki…think about it, he can protect large areas, and attack large ares almost instantly. Plus, Naruto got Rikidou mode, Ichigo dyed his hair…I’m just sayin, the arguably weakest of the big three better get more than a damn scar.

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