One Piece Thread: Gear 2nd!


abandon ship…


Damn, guys. We’ve been reading this together for years. Who are we going to bitch about golden week to now?


I’m seriously bummed that we won’t be finishing this journey together.


There’s a one piece channel in the discord. You guys should join.


Sucks to see this forum go down, you all have been fine folk for discussion with only the minimum amount of idiocy or trolls.


We’ve had some of the most thought provoking and oftentimes hilarious discussions in this thread. One Piece created a unique bond because its themes hit what resonates with all its fans- loyalty, self-sacrifice, and of course adventure. I really wish we got to see how it all ends together, but alas…

*"Let’s go everyone…!!
Back to the sea of adventure again!!

I came to take you home!!"*


Imma legit miss this thread.


Really gonna miss you @affinity


The only good thing out of this is that Affinity’s account will be wiped off existence.


Now the only thing left is the person behind it.


Ill miss yall this thread was awesome as well as GD in general


I lurked this thread everytime a new chapter came out because you guys had the best insight for the series instead of the trash i read on Reddit. Sucks we didnt finish the series together but it was one fun ride.


I can’t do this on Reddit. I just can’t.

SRK is small enough that you can keep the dumb down but Reddit is the public and the public, as has been proven throughout history, is generally stupid af. I can’t go in there and try to have a civil conversation about a world this immersive with people who count using all of their toes.


There are a few groups working on alternative forums. All we need to do to keep the conversation going is make sure we all land on the same one, whichever it is.


Join one of the Facebook groups no toxic people in there >.>


Let’s join the remainder of Neogaf LOLOLOLOL


It honestly really sucks that this thread along with the rest of the forums will be shut down. :sad:


You have to be shitting me, I just read the spoilers and a fuckin break next week again.


Mostly lurk around SRK but always enjoyed reading this thread and sad SRK is going down. My personal favorite One Piece memory is when they were doing the colosseum part in Dressrosa and I was actually in Rome visiting the colosseum.

was a fun ride, would’ve been nice to make it to a “gear third” thread


Okay back to business guys… when’s the next chapter?