One Piece Thread: Gear 2nd!


I can’t do this on Reddit. I just can’t.

SRK is small enough that you can keep the dumb down but Reddit is the public and the public, as has been proven throughout history, is generally stupid af. I can’t go in there and try to have a civil conversation about a world this immersive with people who count using all of their toes.


There are a few groups working on alternative forums. All we need to do to keep the conversation going is make sure we all land on the same one, whichever it is.


Join one of the Facebook groups no toxic people in there >.>


Let’s join the remainder of Neogaf LOLOLOLOL


It honestly really sucks that this thread along with the rest of the forums will be shut down. :sad:


You have to be shitting me, I just read the spoilers and a fuckin break next week again.


Mostly lurk around SRK but always enjoyed reading this thread and sad SRK is going down. My personal favorite One Piece memory is when they were doing the colosseum part in Dressrosa and I was actually in Rome visiting the colosseum.

was a fun ride, would’ve been nice to make it to a “gear third” thread


Okay back to business guys… when’s the next chapter?


Hopefully tomorrow but if the heavens wanted to put a cherry on the good news today a evening release.

Nah, probably tomorrow before goes on break again.


That there’s a break next week is some bullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllshit.

Tho in those spoilers there was some bullshit magic happening, too. Shonen never disappoints.


New chapter and it’s pretty awesome!:


Damn Luffy, flashback Rayleigh gave you all the answers to be OP and only know you’re considering his words? Better late than never I suppose. The high stakes are reminding me of when Luffy fought Rob Lucci.

That younger fangirl sister gives me the creeps, she loves her brother a little too much imo. And going by her age (15 yo), and being the 33rd daughter of Big Mom, then how old is Pudding then since she’s the 35th daughter?

Big Mom isn’t holding back now, I wonder how much of her soul goes in to creating her weather minions?


did I read that right? 33rd daughter and 15 years old? Pudding is the 35th, so that means…


This just can’t be right.

I’m going to chalk it up on a numbers fuck up because what 13 year old do you know with tits the size of melons?


I’ve seen it happen to farm girls, might have something to do with the hormones that get used on the dairy cattle.

I very much doubt that that’s what Oda was going for though. Probably she’s lying about her age. Seems like it would be in her character to lie if it would help her popularity.


The thing is that we actually got flashbacks of Pudding as an actual child. I wouldn’t doubt she’s in her late teens but younger than 15? That would be a tad out of character for a girl to already be that jaded.


Actually, now that I think about it something similar happened with Coby. He was a boy when we met him and during a short time he grew into a man even though not much time seemed to have actually passed since we know Luffy didn’t age much until the time skip.

We got some real Game of Thrones timing here.


It could also be that Pudding is not Big Mom’s biological daughter, maybe she saw her rarity as something useful and adopted her?


well it seems next chapter result is kinda obvious, though would it take a whole chapter [details=Spoiler]to eat the cake?[/details]
and then another chapter [details=Spoiler]to see the full results?[/spoiler}


Or maybe Oda is just as demented as the other Japanese :slight_smile:


How dare y-

You’re right.