One Piece Thread: Gear 2nd!


Jobberbeard Pirates.

Whitebeard and Blackbeard the only people from that crew that didn’t job.


Nah they all fought bravely and did what they had to do… except Marco the jobber with his job job fruit


My girl is now starting to ask Qs about One Piece…I think she’s started to begin reading/watching the show. Never expected that but I’ll gladly help her learn about the saga of the Straw hat pirates.


So on that pudding being the 35th daughter subject, Oda might change it when the Volume comes out. I was looking around and found out that he has actually changed the order of other children of big mum. Aladdin’s wife was 29th, got changed to 21st.

He actually changed a few things around, usually nothing major but it is interesting. The Wikia has the changes if anyone wants to see.


Yes he lost his arm thanks to Aokiji. But like Perospero he should be able to make a substitute arm using his Devil Fruit ability. Jozu’s ability is pretty broken (no pun intended) when you really think about it, because if reinforced with Haki it should be Seastone/Poneglyph level of hardness theoretically.


LMFAOOOO they acted fast. In Japanese but they basically changed the the gum girl’s position from 33rd to 36th


How about that?


Luffy doing Ultra Instinct before it was cool:

Can’t wait to see the Gear 4 version. lol


The anime is draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagging.


Anime has nowhere to go. Manga chapters are slowing down so now the anime slows WAAAAAYY down. I watch once a month now.


The fact that the anime takes way less breaks than Oda really hurts it. Should have made a longer filler Arc After zou.


Yeah, I get that. Doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. The dragging of an already dragged out anime is making it impossible to enjoy.

Sanji has been contemplating going to bring Luffy food for over a month now. That’s 4-5 episodes of stretching that shit out after he caught his sister with Pudding.

They should have thought out this story better.

Exactly. One Piece could have really used a filler arc until the manga was well ahead.


Or, they could take production breaks like newer anime shows do to both reduce filler and increase production quality… But OP is too big and Toei too dependent on the money the anime makes to do that.


they should just make a straw hat grand fleet filler arc based on the pages Oda makes before each chapter


Yeah normally I hate filler but that is better then dragging the story. Although this portion of the story until they meet up with Capone is a slog on the Luffy / Sanji side of the story.


Oops nevermind

Fuckin jaiminisbox, update their stuff with last week’s chapter


Are we not getting a chapter agian?


Probably tomorrow. Y’all stop being Raz0rs.


I, for one, say keep being Raz0rs.


So chapter still not out gg