One Piece Thread: Gear 2nd!


He got more than a car now. Hes rolling big.


the thing i like most about one piece is that the characters powers are relatively “normal”, and dont seem overpowered. This is maybe with the exception of boss like characters.

So i hope Oda stays with this theme, uses the fake straw hats as just an example to highlights everyones new power, but then let them go back to still have some sorta weak areas in thier game.

Im sure it wont be a wrecking crew tearing down everything they see. Dont forget the marines/shichibuki/everyone else have gotten vastly stronger too.

Oh, and i think perona has stayed with mihawk to keep him “company”. lol.


Maybe he is the god damn ship.



@ The Damned

We didn’t see Zoro either


I got pretty hype seeing that the strawhats are recruiting more people. Everyone seems to be godly now, and robin looked alot better then I thought.

But I can’t wait to see the other supernovas also because Kid and Law must have stepped up their game.


Can’t wait for the the epic beatdowns that the fake Strawhats have coming.


They werent really recruiting ^^ lol. Maybe its too early, but most def in the new world they are gonna get someone…I see in the end luffy is gonna own an armada of pirates…Just like how whitebeards has a ton of plp with allegiance to him.


That’s one of the reasons why I like One Piece so much–each DF power has distinct weaknesses/bad matchups vs. other DF powers. If someone seems overpowered, it’s only because the weakness hasn’t been exploited yet.


Closed the old thread. Enjoyed the new chapter.


One piece is great.


Okay apparently Chopper has completely forgotten to use his nose. Little dude used to be able to sniff out enemies from miles away and now he can’t even smell the three losers in front of him?

Hopefully he has acquired some enormous book smarts to compensate his complete retardation of his street smarts.

  • Lol @ Usopp getting buried in nami’s titties good thing sanji didnt see that.


Usopp speared those titties with his nose!


Somebody finally thinks what I was thinking!


I’m still loling at fake Robin not only being Gonk, but also getting bitten by the fox and then kidnapped…with the fox still biting her.

Heh, he does look pretty damn big.

Actually, it’s kind of hilarious how big he looks now since IIRC, the people in Vegapunk’s homeland were already calling him a cyber-gorilla.

Oh, right.

I wonder if he’s lost.

You know those were the fakes trying to recruit people, right?

I actually think that the fake Luffy is just going to get owned by Haki rather than get punched in the face so hard it shatters like he should.

Yeah, it seems Chopper still has his blinding naivete, though to be fair, he was going on the premise that they had changed a lot in two years and did notice that something off.


So how’s that Perona/Usopp match-up looking like now?

  • :bluu:


I would not want to be a celestial dragon on SA right now. Zoro damn near killed one the last time and with MH at G1.

SH’s will not get caught again. I’m so interested in Chopper and Franky’s new abilities.


I’m still kind of surprised that the marines let the island go to Hell. I have to wonder if Aokiji ended up replacing Sengoku like Sengoku wanted him to.

I’d lol if he was vulnerable to her powers now, what with his new-found confidence.


If it was Aokiji I doubt that he would abandon the island. I’m guessing that bastard Akainu got the job.


so anyone else cant wait to see this get animated already? lol. especially the nami/usopp parts.