One Piece Thread: Gear 2nd!


did I read that right? 33rd daughter and 15 years old? Pudding is the 35th, so that means…


This just can’t be right.

I’m going to chalk it up on a numbers fuck up because what 13 year old do you know with tits the size of melons?


I’ve seen it happen to farm girls, might have something to do with the hormones that get used on the dairy cattle.

I very much doubt that that’s what Oda was going for though. Probably she’s lying about her age. Seems like it would be in her character to lie if it would help her popularity.


The thing is that we actually got flashbacks of Pudding as an actual child. I wouldn’t doubt she’s in her late teens but younger than 15? That would be a tad out of character for a girl to already be that jaded.


Actually, now that I think about it something similar happened with Coby. He was a boy when we met him and during a short time he grew into a man even though not much time seemed to have actually passed since we know Luffy didn’t age much until the time skip.

We got some real Game of Thrones timing here.


It could also be that Pudding is not Big Mom’s biological daughter, maybe she saw her rarity as something useful and adopted her?


well it seems next chapter result is kinda obvious, though would it take a whole chapter [details=Spoiler]to eat the cake?[/details]
and then another chapter [details=Spoiler]to see the full results?[/spoiler}


Or maybe Oda is just as demented as the other Japanese :slight_smile:


How dare y-

You’re right.


Could it be a simple matter of translation error/Oda fudging the numbers…


Hold up, I just remembered that Jozu’s arm broke during his encounter with Aokiji. Have we seen him since then? Technically, is he missing an arm since it broke while he was frozen?


Go back to discord you.


Gotta wait for the official release one Monday to see if it’s a mistranslation.

And naw we haven’t seen any of the WB pirates. Might see them in Wano thou.


Not going to lie, I hope someone that is capable of using such a potentially power ability winds up with Jozu power. Frankly being super strong and made of diamonds should mean more.


Jobberbeard Pirates.

Whitebeard and Blackbeard the only people from that crew that didn’t job.


Nah they all fought bravely and did what they had to do… except Marco the jobber with his job job fruit


My girl is now starting to ask Qs about One Piece…I think she’s started to begin reading/watching the show. Never expected that but I’ll gladly help her learn about the saga of the Straw hat pirates.


So on that pudding being the 35th daughter subject, Oda might change it when the Volume comes out. I was looking around and found out that he has actually changed the order of other children of big mum. Aladdin’s wife was 29th, got changed to 21st.

He actually changed a few things around, usually nothing major but it is interesting. The Wikia has the changes if anyone wants to see.


Yes he lost his arm thanks to Aokiji. But like Perospero he should be able to make a substitute arm using his Devil Fruit ability. Jozu’s ability is pretty broken (no pun intended) when you really think about it, because if reinforced with Haki it should be Seastone/Poneglyph level of hardness theoretically.


LMFAOOOO they acted fast. In Japanese but they basically changed the the gum girl’s position from 33rd to 36th