One Piece Thread: Gear 3rd!


I don’t think Luffy SHOULD beat Kaido. Not in a fight anyway. Beating Yonko in a fight is straight up endgame for OP.

That said, I hope he gets up next issue. 1 hit KO’d doesn’t feel very Luffy.


Well as many people said… this is the level (yonko) Luffy’s trying to fight against… and that levels too high. Maybe Luffy works something out with Kaido against big mom (soul shenanigans) so he’s more vulnerable possibly playing on his suicidal tendencies. But Luffy just needs to train and unlock his potential… but who could he possibly train with??


@reticently Kaido is just showing that there’s level to this pirate game. Luffy needs a rest and some serious soul searching. He finally met The Wall.

Kaido and the mysterious Shogun have to go down for the sake of Wano, the plot demands it. All Luffy needs to do for the sake of his own character’s growth is to be able to gain enough strength to earn Kaido’s respect as a pirate before whatever miracle stratagem or discovery takes him down.

I think Luffy will Awaken his DF, get a zenkai haki boost and maaaaaybe upgrade his ability to hear the voices of all things, but nothing in the realm to decisively beat Kaido 1 on 1. Keep in mind, if Kaido was just 100% a mindless savage he wouldn’t have been able to recognize and maintain territorial sovereignty with the other Yonko. Clearly once he sees that an opponent is showing “legendary characteristics” he displays some deference.

Which is now why I’m now almost certain during the Marineford arc Shanks probably just dispensed some of his finest liquor, got Kaido skunk-drunk, and convinced him to go on his merry way back to Wano. As we saw on Mariejoa, the dude seems to have the diplomacy game down pat to the point where he’s having private meetings with the Gorosei.


New chapter:


What a amazing chapter! I wants more lmfao Its really gonna be hard waiting a week and a half

Interesting that his conquerors haki can be used even while hes unconscious and it seems that eustass kid can use it too unless kaido was talking about some one else. Seastone nails ugh what a interesting way to combat them and its origins are in wano?! it explained how the the rest of the crew was saved also. that girls power is tough but interesting. How did law get out of that situation?

I cannnot wait for the next chapter it sucks theres a break but luffy and kid interacting will be great and i think with some ingenuity, luffys luck/instincts and kids Fervor and laws cunning im sure they can figure out a weakness for kaido though i dont know if they can stop him right now maybe they can take him on go into a stalemate and then you gonna have to do a short timeskip lmfao
its gonna take all of them though


If you told me Hawkins was going to be Zenigata for a Arc after his intro I wouldn’t have believed it but damn here we are.

Great chapter, wasn’t expecting the Robin face though, what exactly they wrote about the incident has me intrigued. I do like how apparently this Act for the story circled back to where it began.


That unprecedented Robin face fault, wow things must be really dire! Even the Going Merry (R.I.P.) made a face fault before Robin.

So it’s finally said out loud, Wano is the home of seastone manufacturing. This coincides with the poneglyphs being indestructible, although it hasn’t been explicitly stated if those objects are also made out of seastone. Not to mention it was stated on Zou that the secret of poneglyph construction has been lost to history, meaning that it’s likely not seastone… unless it’s similar to GoT where Valerian steel can be repurposed and refashioned but not produced?

My baseless theory on Kaido’s origins gets an extra boost.

Luffy was subconsciously emanating Conqueror’s Haki even while incapacitated, it kind of reminded me of juvenile version of what Shanks did on Whitebeard’s ship.

Edit: Durr…?


Im wondering why kaido would lock kid and luffy close too each other
i think he wants all the smoke and drama
in some sick sadistic way he wants them to break out and fight him


Kaido locked them up together because Kaido doesn’t feel threatened in the slightest. Plus, prudence isn’t really his thing.

Will seastone shut down Luffy’s Haki? Because otherwise that cage ain’t holding him.


Uh isn’t the “Creature” Kidd?



For me, the way panels were set up it looked like they went past the cell of the silhouetted character and threw Luffy into a separate cell with Kidd. Admittedly, I didn’t really notice the panel where they walked through an adjacent door connected to that main room so it looks ambiguous.

But wait this doesn’t add up! Kidd is a famous Supernova, there’s no way even these grunts wouldn’t know who he is. And there was likely similar fanfare when he was captured. Oda also showed us Kidd’s fate a few dozen chapters ago, so showing him as a mysterious figure doesn’t make much sense now. I think it’s still a new character.


I think this might be the first time that Oda announces the end of a part in an arc. Hopefully they go back to the reverie for a few chapters now…


Nah, I got agree with Sacr3D.

Seems like the slow reveal was for Kidd and to show how despite captivity he hasn’t been broken.

Edit: Nevermind I reread it and you are right the cell with the guy or thing with the fish is indeed different from the one they took Luffy to that Kidd was locked up in.


Yeah most likely he’s one of the legendary samurai that followed Oden, but probably has some unconventional look to him. Methinks maybe an (awakened?) Zoan or something unique.

As badass as Kid is, I don’t see him surviving on solely on poisonous fish and spitting fishbones with deadly accuracy.


If they need to feed him poisoned fish to keep him weak, he might not be a devilfruit user at all (I assume they would keep them down with seastone).




All this cool shit happening off-panel is kind of painful, especially no seeing the RA in action.

Jack’s older brothers look interesting, particularly Queen who seems to be another techie. Wonder if they’re going to suffer Jack’s fate of always getting jobbed out despite supposedly being stupidly strong.


Well given his position, figure Queen is locked in to get his stuff handled in this next ‘Act’.

I thought the stuff on Pirate island was way more interesting, including the fate of a particular character.


Chapters like these are why I love One Piece. So much world building…

First off R.I.P. Absalom. Hopefully, he at least got some honey trap nookie before he was peaced out.

I never though I’d feel sorry for Gecko Moria, but the fact that he was willing to enter Yonkou territory to get his nakama shows he’s real homie. I now understand why he lost his mind when Kaido slaughtered his entire crew and created his dependency on zombies. It wasn’t just because his pirate career was ruined, but mostly the loss of his crew. Catarina Devon’s mythical Zoan seems fitting for her fugly self and yet also seems like a waste at the same time. The whole revelry on the island seems like bait for would DF-using to get trapped Whiskey Peak style.

Yeah I hope Perona heeds Mihawk’s warning…

The Revolutionary Army did their thing as expected, but I really hate that this was all off screen (as per usual), so I’ll just bide my time to see the full results.

Lil Bro Jack actually looking house trained, his servile nature towards his siblings shows just how much his big bros are on another level. King the Fire is evoking some serious Magellan vibes, BUT WAIT?! Is that a sword on his belt? Will we finally get to see try hard Zoro?! Full Spirit ASURA!!!

Queen the Plague looks like a tinkerer, and gives me some Dr.Hogback vibes as well. Maybe he’s responsible for creating Scotch and some other mechanical creations we’ll be seeing soon. It will be cool to see his combat prowess.

Last and most importantly, I made a promise to a poster (can’t remember who) a few years back that a certain Avatar would return once the most pirate-y pirate in One Piece- Negrobeard made another grand appearance. Well as promised…

It’s a shame the AV screen sizes are microscopic now. sigh


I will have to reread those chapters Marineford, did she always have the coke bottle shape?

Also I do hope Perona stays where she is at, besides the hilarity that is her mooching off Mihawk and him not even giving a fuck is honestly worthy of a filler or one shot Gaiden.