One Piece Thread: Gear 3rd!


Oda show us the Reverie damnit!!!

So two reasons why he’s not showing this:

A) An extra year of content which will make the manga even longer
B) Background world building in order to introduce elements from an other POV


I really want Blackbeard to die the same way he and his crew did Whitebeard. One of his own stabbing him in the back. Blowing his head off with Glee, and stealing his power. The look of hurt, betrayl, and soul crushing sadness on his face before his killers remove his face would be so satisfying.


he and luffy will fall in love and conquer the world…


Luffy would have to squarely defeat him first then someone can take advantage of his weakened state. Although I still believe that fruit is manipulating him more than anything.


Naw, even before he got his fruit he was powerful enough to fuck with Shanks but kept it on the low so as to not draw attention. Dude is just an strong asshole that likes to take advantage at the right moments, which along with his other traits makes him clearly Bizarro Luffy. I sort of hope he doesn’t get the honor of being the true final enemy of the series but Oda certainly has been building it up as such.

Although I wouldn’t be surprised if he winds up being manipulated by that one character we saw in Reverie that leads the Celestial Dragons, because I get the feeling as Luffy gets pulled along into events by his friends and ideals, Blackbeard would go for his own power and wind up someone’s pawn thinking it is the better play only realize too late he fucked up.


Luffy will give him a good fight thus earning his respect. Real last boss is obviously niggabeard. Hell become so ott that the marines will actually have to support luffy and co.
Coby will be the one to convince magma dude. All for the sake of world peace of course.


I’ve believed the same thing ever since events at Banaro Island. I don’t think anyone has ever noticed this, but since the first chapter of One Piece, Luffy has never had a battle that was solely for his own benefit or “dream”, all his opponents were creating chaos and he was fighting on the behalf of others. Hersheybeard is the only enemy I think Luffy will face solely for his own cause- to get One Piece and be Pirate King!


There is also a chance he will face Akainu somewhere down the line (A very pissed Luffy grabbed his throbbing scar Sagat-style at the mere mention of his name during the Fishman Island arc) , but unfortunately I believe Oda won’t push it to the pure bloodlust “Kill Bill” territory I really want and will likely show the pitiable side of Sakazuki with a super depressing backstory to show how he got his insane belief of “Absolute Justice”. I think Oda wants to make Akainu his own worst enemy.

BUT FUCK THAT! I want him DEAD!!!


Well Luffy will still have to put a wrecking on Akainu for killing his brother… he cant let that slide… temporary team up or not.


You can imagine magma slumped down and out as luffy lets him live and walks past him like a bawz


New Chapter:


I always wanted to know what would happen if someone like Whitebeard was held in seastone, now I know. lol Seastone may sap their strength and the ability to use their Devil Fruits, but they can still rely on their overwhelming natural strength. And I’m really surprised by Kid’s vitality, I know he has Conquerors Haki and the ambition to be Pirate King, but I thought he’d mostly rely on his DF power for strength. I wouldn’t have expected him to go toe-to-toe with Luffy in terms of physical labor. I can’t wait to see what he’s capable of at full power when those cuffs go off.

Oh and I’m really feeling the designs of the samurai that were loyal to Oden. Makes me wonder how they’ll see Zoro once he inevitably shows off his swordsmanship.

Based on what I saw this chapter, I think Eustass Kid is going to be one to face Queen. Mecha arm combat!


They’ll see zoro the way Sanji sees hot women.


Good chapter definitely agreed about kid im excited to see what he can do at full strength. i wanna know more of his backstory because to have a much endurance/ physical strength as luffy means that he went through some rigorous training to be what he is now.
being honest him and luffy relationship seems sibling rivalry like, and im wondering if as luffy would liken to roger if kid is his whitebeard in this new era


That commissioned piece at the beginning. Law looks like Luffy’s edgy,emo older brother


remember when Sanji was 1st introduced?
remember how cool and suave he was?
what happened?


Flanderization I believe it is called.

Just like Oda putting his females in more fanservice outfits while pulling them from direct conflicts. Or Zoro going from occasionally dumb or I’ll mannered to being so dumb Luffy takes shots at him. Sanji just has the unfortunate fate that he starts off cool, a great cook, intelligent and strong with women and his temper being his only flaw… so they up the flaw with him going from smooth talker to awkward idiot.


I never peeped that until u said it. Last time I saw Nami in a 1v1 fight or any direct combat was Water 7 arc in her fight with Kaulifa. Now when it comes to fights she pretty much a Overwatch support hero. Just assisting from the backlines.


Her weather skills are more AoE attacks. Sadly we’re at the point were lightning isn’t a great attack.


Static lighting generated by dials and various tools maybe, but it will be interesting to see how Zeus now figures into her abilities especially if they stick to the whole thing about her not being able to turn his goofy self into a rideable nimbus substitute.


Kinda glad Nami doesnt fight 1 on 1, there were so many reasons should realistically should NOT have won during Arabasta and Water 7. PIS


yeah she wasnt meant to be a 1 on 1 fighter anyway. she is a good navigator and thief, to some extent.
she is not useless and has her place.