One Piece Thread: Gear 3rd!


Besides, when EVERY character needs showcase fights mangas have a real tendency to bog down.


Good chapter this week. But goddammit another break? Need to see how beautiful the new chick is given the high bar the rest of the OP girls have set and esp given Boa is supposedly the most beautiful girl in the world (which I dispute)


Franky =


Yeah, but this break should be expected, it is toward the end of the year so Christmas/Winter breaks should be hitting around this time. It was a nice drama free but forward moving chapter to end on.

One Piece’s world is full of thirsty dudes, between Boa, Shirohoshi and this chick there are way too many women that break dudes with just looks.


Viola is my current fav. Holololo


You have good taste.


So new chapter out. New chick is a disappointment and a total bitch but I love it. Its probably a ruse as shes obviously

momos sister


Bro at least post a link


You bin ridding too much wumpees…

She’s OBVIOUSLY gonna be someone good because how can a woman be so evil in Oda’s world right?


I am still hoping the missing Hiyori turns out to be Tama. That would be a more interesting twist.


Yay another fine woman in one piece…that is a heartless bitch. In before she redeems herself.


It would but I think its obvious new bitch is hiyori for a couple of reasons

  1. She just looks like royalty
  2. She is protected by a samurai who is probably part of the samurai crew
  3. She is being a bitch to disguise her true identy and using the losers money to support herself
  4. Good way to keep yourself out of Orochis eye by only coming out publically rarely
  5. Same chapter momo conveniently mentions he had a sister who is probably around 26 now. She looks around that age.

I agree with you though and hope Im wrong. When was the last time we got a really nasty but hot chick who stayed a villian and didnt turn face. Ermm… harpy chick from the ice place?


Monet I think, besides Smoothie but I get what you mean, I was even thinking such a few weeks ago. Now that we are introduced she is less interesting than Tama being the sister via time travel into an earlier point.

Also wouldn’t put it past Oda to hint at both and then have it wind up being someone else anyway.


I hope she’s at least using her ill-gotten gains to purchase weapons or something to help the uprising.

It would be interesting if the effect of her beauty had something to do with a Devil Fruit or Conquerors Haki, but I doubt it.

But on a more fascinating note, my man Shanks and his crew out here cleaving off arms. No wonder Kid has a bone to pick against him, even though he clearly started it first.

Makes me think Shanks’ crew out here collecting appendages like:


It is indeed the reverse of the Luffy situation if Shanks took it himself.


I dont get that picture…


I recognize the art style and the door, it must be a Aqua Teen Hunger Force reference.

Can’t say I recognize what it alludes to besides the bamboo hats, I never took to the series after the first few seasons.


Lmfao they collected peoples dicks to make a spaceship out of dicks. It was easily one of the most ridiculous episodes they ever did


Oh ad in case anyone did not know, Viz Jump now offers the latest three chapters of Manga including One Piece for free on their website.


Chapter 929 is out now:


I’m not even going to pretend that Orochi’s design isn’t underwhelming. Seems like a Wapol 2.0 scenario, except the fact that Orochi’s Devil Fruit might be very good, like a step down from Kaido’s in terms of hierarchy being clearly mythical and all.

Speaking of dragons, X Drake’s hybrid form looks badass. I can’t wait to see his post-timeskip skills in action.

Oh and yeah, I think ̶H̶y̶o̶r̶i̶ Komurasaki has been preparing for a long time to meet Orochi, assassination attempt incoming…