One Piece Thread: Gear 3rd!



If anyone can find the full episode it would be great!



for how long it already goes without the feeling of it becoming boring or meaningless story wise he can continue as long as he want for me.


At this point, I’m ready to see the end. Maybe because I’m bored of this arc so far.



It’s partially me being frustrated by the lack of main story development / big reveals. Give us something major about a mystery already Goda!


the one piece in itself? they will getting there… but exploring the world, seeing new things on their journey and enemies. i like it so far and i am more on the patient side when it comes to the main quest.


One piece is the lord of the rings of manga. They built up such a big world they could end it in the next 5 years. And have a world where they could stuff for the next 40 yrs in that world


Not much One Piece in itself. There are so many mysteries already that we don’t know anything about yet:

  • Vegapunk
  • Void Century
  • The Moon
  • The Gorosei and their leader
  • Roger’s weird disease
  • All Blue
  • Blackbeard’s fruit stealing technique
  • Last Straw hat member
  • Poneglyphs
  • Raftel
  • Ancient weapons
  • Devil Fruit origins
  • Dragon’s background
  • Luffy’s mother
  • Haki’s origin
  • Shandians
  • Will of D
  • How come stairs are so OP that it killed Kuina in a world where people survive worse things

and much more that I probably forgot about.


Heres a question for you all. Would you prefer shorter - not not very short - but relatively much shorter arcs where they visit more islands and cultures be or the longer 2 year arcs with deeper storylines.

I think theres a fine balance and sometimes some of the arcs are a bit too long for my tastes.


I don’t mind longer arcs at all. But regardless of arc length, the story sometimes bogs down on the details of whatever locale they’re in.


It all depends on the location, characters and fights. OP can go on for yeas, so long as it doesn’t start plodding on battles and story for hundreds of chapters to hype up the villain like the ending to Bleach and Naruto wound up doing all to make the fight seem better.

That being said, the title they put for this ‘saga’ being War on Four Emperors and Oda’s comments makes me feel Blackbeard or his crew will definitely have an impact on this arc some how beyond the usual cameos. He says it will go beyond 1000 chapters, given we are at 930 at this point, I can’t see arcs for Blackbeard and wrapping up the journey being anything less then 200 chapters, so probably in range of 1300.


and the good thing about mysteries is that they are mysteries. i actually dont want real answers for all of these points. sometimes its better to keep things open…midi-chlorians…really…eh…


I don’t mind One Piece taking a while to conclude, its more about the journey than the destination for me. I’d rather Oda writes the story at his pace than have a rushed, plot-hole filled mess like some other shade-wearing mangaka.

My only real concern is that WWIII, Yellowstone super-eruption, Skynet, Ebolaids, direct solar flare, global warming-induced mega typhoon, or Kaiju invasion doesn’t happen before then.