One Piece Thread: Gear 3rd!



It would only wind up looking like Fei Long’s Dragon Kick most likely.


I’m still OK with that. Having big mom come in means Kaido is preoccupied thus giving the plan a better chance at working.


Just an FYI for those like myself who stopped regularly watching the anime, next week it’s Snake Man time! Oh and the animation quality in the previews is actually good!


Imagine what could have been in an alt ver of One Piece with Garp having all three of them joining the Marines


ace would have never gotten his devil fruit so luffy would be the strongest?


Would love to see a alternate time spin off featuring that. Although given all three personalities they likely would have ended up crossing the wrong person and either out of the Marines joining the Revolutionaries or become pirates still.

Shit, I still don’t even get how Garp managed to make it to where he was as a Vice Admiral given all the shady shit the Marines do for both good and bad reasons.


Embellishments asides, this definitely lived up to the hype:

Dat Tokyo Drift!

Oh and some insight regarding this ep:


Apparently they had a team working solely on this part of the fight for 2 months. If only Toei could just keep up the same quality assurance but the money from churning out rushed garbage is too tempting it seems…


That shit looked like an episode of Mob Psycho 100. Nice


Surprised it is only one episode but with that quality I am fine that they didn’t try to extend it too much. In general I think they improved the final attack as well compared to the manga.


Man I don’t remember seeing Raleigh use a normal punch against Gear 4th Luffy and send his ass flying lol. What a monster.


That’s because it’s filler, albeit believable filler. I wouldn’t be surprised if Oda gave them notes with this point added. (Oda omits certain panels in his manga for the sake of pacing)




Good to see sanji get a - very natural - upgrade and on good terms with his family despite the history.

He earned their respects afterall. Shame didnt get to see more of Reiju especially her going gaga after law/zoro “zorooo chwwaaannnn”

Given big mommas back I still have some hopes


Idk, it’ll be weird seeing Sanji make power he didn’t have to work for part of his normal routine. Was expecting more of a weapon of last resort.

Suit’s cool though.


Irony aside WTF with this latest development… I feel torn.


Sanji’s transformation is going to look hilarious when animated. I’m surprised Oda actually gave him the ability he’s always wanted considering he’s been taking Ls for years now, I assumed he’d just get fire enhancements. Stealth Black looks cool though and I like how the transformation automatically gives Sanji hair gel too. lol

Now I know that invisibility seems weak considering observation haki exists, but in reality only those with high level observation haki skills (e.g., Fujitora, Rayleigh, Katakuri) could seriously deal with complete invisibility. I’m sure Page One can also utilize haki and yet it’s still an issue.

On this episode of Days of Our Lives - One Piece Edition Miss Charlotte Linlin has AMNESIA! gasp

As if it wasn’t already convenient enough for her to pose an issue to Kaido, now she can be even further manipulated to see him as a “big meanie” with all the sweet goodies being located in his castle. lol


Yeah, as a lapsed day time soap opera fan, this development has me thinking this is the cleanest way to have Big Mom on the board for the final fight but not have her beeline straight to take Luffy’s head.

It just feels too cliche just like when Jason from General Hospital came back from the dead as a different actor with amnesia and the excuse of radical plastic surgery.


DF user got capsized at sea- yeah from a story point if view she wasn’t going to go out like that, but washing up with amnesia still seems like getting off easy.

By One Piece rules, how many people on that ship with her ought to be dead right now?


Considering nearly all the named ones were DF users, it should be a high number but upon review Big Mom is the only one we see get knocked into water. That being said, they all probably survived, how Big Mom wound up on Wano is strange given the ship was knocked off as it climbed the water fall, should she be in the ocean below? But same shit happened to Luffy so whatever.