One Piece Thread: Gear 3rd!



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Well it seems…


Orochi’s DF is the real deal - a mythical zoan. as goofy as it looks I’m sure it’s really powerful. I don’t know much about the Orochi lore, but I’m guessing each head might have their own properties.

Robin’s clones are cool, but what’s intersting is how the shurikens didn’t hurt her original body. Back in the day if Robin’s bloomed appendages got hurt she felt it, but maybe she’s advanced her powers beyond that initial weakness.

Komurasaki is pretty damn fast and strong, she managed to intercept Orochi and the dainty slap she gave him left created quite an aftershock. She must’ve been training all this time.

The Yakuza leader seems to have some honor and cares about his men, I wonder…


It was a bit obvious - look at the others laughing at the shogun and look at the leader …
Looking forward to how ODA fulfills the prophecy…


Yeah, but there are enough pieces that Oda may have a surprise or two in how all this plays out.


new chapter:


i am not sure if the big mom thing turns out well, overall story wise.


I believe this Oda’s way of moving her off the board as an enemy and into friend category, despite doing such a wonderful job of making her a living embodiment of gluttony and greed. Might also play into taking down Kaido given Luffy and co’s current strength.

Edit: Also straight up anyone believe that performance?


sooo big mom’s gonna be buu now?


Yeah, but does that make Chopper the pet dog or Mr. Satan?


The Yakuza samurai has apparently been under the employ of Orochi for ages now, so his display of loyalty is probably in line with his standard behavior. Of course we as an audience know the full situation but it makes sense Orochi and the spectators believe it.


Chapter 934


Damn Big Mom’s kids are cold-blooded they already talking about the line of succession and Linlin ain’t even in the grave yet.

  • Hyorogoro of the Flowers is that wee little man, how unexpected. I initially thought it was the savage dude hidden the prison.

  • Sanji can’t wait to test out his new suit at the women’s bath, something tells me that’s not going to go well for him.

-I’m still trying to figure the subtext of Momo’s “snatch” phrase, is it a joke or something culturally ambiguous? I still have a strong belief Zoro has roots in Wano, but I don’t know in what way exactly. I know his master probably does at least.


I’m guessing ‘snatch’ was a vagina joke? Would probably need translator’s notes to know for sure.

Big Mom’s crew getting the “miracle” survival treatment isn’t unexpected, but still feels like a cop out. Saying some nameless DF users drowned off panel doesn’t help with that.


Perospero was ready to take charge like it was no big deal.

Sanji going to have a wardrobe malfunction at the worst time. Gives the name raid suit a whole new meaning!

Assuming Zoro’s master came from Wano, I wonder why he left? Bet Zoro will come upon some hidden item from the past that gives him reason to question things.



Why is sanji not in the mixed bath!? Wttff


He’s probably there but is using Stealth Black so he doesn’t spook Nami and Robin with his pervy presence.

Queen is a lot goofier than I expected, and surprisingly heterosexual. He was really having a ball, but his zany behavior doesn’t fool me one bit, considering Jack was able to fight the minks for days on end without tiring yet kowtows to is “big brother” is quite telling.


Raizo showing his ninja stealth skills are top class, he looked like he was moving at the speed of light. Honestly, a lot of the Smile henchmen seem just like a big disgrace at this point.

So seastone also makes Luffy unable to effectively use haki, that’s quite interesting. It seems once a Devil Fruit user reaches a certain haki threshold the seastone can only suppress a certain amount of their spirit, but if the overall volume of the DF user’s vitality is great enough they will still be capable of superhuman feats. I know this manga isn’t real life and just a fantasy, but it’s really it makes me wonder how the science of Devil Fruits really work. Guess we have to patiently wait for Vegapunk.

And this Kawamatsu guy, he seems to be a serious contender, they type that would keep fighting until the end. Maybe he’s even strong enough you give Queen a run for his money.


Good chapter! Lots of little story advances, and the panels where Queen reacts to hearing the three pieces of news are meme worthy.

Queen is a strange power bracket so I don’t know what to expect from him. Like, everyone at that level is a threat, but they’re also getting jobbed out constantly now.


Queen reminds me of that fat guy in Hokuto No Ken


His name is Heart yeahh can’t be a coincidence