One Piece Thread: Gear 3rd!



Naw I can’t see Sanji already being there or at least in the same section as Nami and Robin. If he was he would be dying of blood loss and probably ruin the stealth feature with the nose bleed he would be sporting.

Unless he saw Shinobu first and his mind broke.


Sanji finally achieved one of his dreams lol

Never change Sanji, never change.


Robin looks really pissed off he was there in the first place. Really shipping the NaNji couple now though.


Can’t believe Drake is also weak to the woman flesh, a hilarious and welcome addition, that and everyone (male at least that we have come across) from North Blue knows that damn comic strip.


Sanji the god.

Queen fucking up there. Did he not clock Luffy’s bounty? And you think a rubber man can’t slip out of a collar?

Got to admit I’m not feeling the semi random Zorro fight yet.


Queen is trying to recruit him not kill him, so I think he’s trying to even out the playing field so an accident doesn’t happen. Not to mention I’m sure he’s confident if Luffy gets out of control that he can reign him in.

Sanji pretty much got his “All Blue”, if anything the real All Blue will just be the cherry on top. I’m honestly surprised he’s even conscious after that Ero Haki. At his level of perversion I think when he finally gets some he’ll just die mid-stroke.

Zoro vs Weaponlord probably will just be short clash until the dude finds Zoro “worthy” and realize they’re fighting for the same cause. ☽

BTW, is it just me or is Luffy looking even more brolic than usual? Seems this seastone cuff training has been paying off…


Yeah, I seriously wasn’t expecting him to be able to hang given his usual weakness to women but unless they write it in that he literally just got there at the same time he was living the pervy bath house dream.

He has improved himself since the beginning of the New World even without the suit.



Sanji Dared to dream…and I salute him for it!


Body swap was probably peak Sanji though. Everything after that is gravy.



Solid chapter.

Queen still fucking up, can’t he see he’s only making Luffy stronger? Though that foreshadow of Queen’s next possible fight means Luffy is the least of his problems.

Can’t get behind Zoro being pretty dumb there. Too early in the game to voluntarily be taking a hit.


Yeah Queen vs Big Mom is going to be awesome!

So after a decade Oda finally expounds a bit more on Force Haki.

We first saw Sentomaru use it on Shabondy to mollywhop Luffy, then the Admirals to save Marineford from one of Shirohige’s aftershocks, and Rayleigh used it to block the rampaging elephant’s attack. I can’t wait to see what practical uses Luffy can do with it when fully masters it.

And Zoro in a fight. Dude is so jacked a pec flex can keep a scythe for being pulled out. I’m surprised at how nonchalant he to the other guy sneak attacking him, I guess he can tell that he isn’t evil.

But on a more important note. The famed Shusui was originally black, which hints that Mihawk’s sword, the world’s finest - Kokuto Yoru was also turned that way. Leftover Haki? The blood of countless victims?


This version is better. Fuck Manga Stream’s nonsensical dialogues

Edit: It’s funny how people say Ryuma was the strongest in Wano. Zoro defeated him a long time ago when he wasn’t that strong compared to now. So maybe Ryuma was weak at that point or it’s just that centuries later everyone got stronger.


Great chapter! Im glad they are giving more viable options to conquers haki for the new world luffy will need it and it should be more then knocking out cannon fodder.
they said ryumma cut down a dragon i wonder if that dragon was kaido himself or a descendant of him.

I wonder when Eustass kid will show up. I dont imagine hes going to go away quietly even after escaping. beyond the obvious call to vengeance I feel him and luffy are destined to always be intertwined together.

maybe the swords have special properties so when they slay the opponent, the haki of the fallen resonates and is imbued in the sword after death… which blackens it.

sort of like hunterxhunter (if you follow that lmfao) where nen persists after death.


You have to remember Ryuuma’s corpse was fused with Brooke’s shadow. The strength of the zombie is dependent on the host body but mostly on the quality of the shadow that resides in the corpse. This is why Sanji’s penguin zombie was still able to show a surprising amount of power even though the corpse was weak with stubby legs.

Brooke, while a competent swordsman, is no where near the level required to match a living Ryuuma based on the legend. Also keep in mind zombie Ryuuma was also using Brooke’s sword techniques, which wasn’t natural to his style when he was alive.

Even Brooke remarked that Ryuuma’s presence seemed more similar to Zoro whose attacks are strength and slashing based.


Look, only Zoro would be happy getting stabbed… cos he needed a third sword.

Zoro so badass he makes both Kenpachis cry.


I like how Luffy is basically just using the fodder as testing dummies to recall shit he saw Rayleigh pull off and try to refine himself. That right there is some decent training without the old trope of another master coming in to teach him some new technique or way to magically power up his other base skills.


It does kind of make me wonder how strong Rayleigh is, assuming he’s still clearly stronger than Luffy is currently.

Luffy’s basically yonko lieutenant level now. The only clearly defined tiers (so far) above that are yonko and admiral. Is Rayleigh yonko strong?


He should be up there to some degree. He not only held off Kizaru. But even after he’s gone back to SA, the marines still haven’t attempted to arrest him despite knowing where he is.