One Piece Thread: Gear 3rd!


Oh yeah and Sanji’s Raid suit. Seeing how all of his siblings had a theme to their suits I’m guessing maybe his is fire related? I know he’ll wear it eventually when all hope is lost, likely during the Wano arc.

Coby leveling up is so nice to see. The guy possesses Eneru-level observation haki naturally, the Blue Walk speed of Sanji and his own cool Rokushiki style. It would be nice to have an admiral that doesn’t have a Devil Fruit. I’m guessing the next time we see him he’ll be promoted to Vice Admiral.

I’m not the shipping type but I did like the interaction with him and Rebecca.


Kyros certainly approved of the ‘young man’.


Oh yes Coby is really stepping up. I would like to see him hit Vice Admiral as well. He’s really coming along well. He’ll clash though with a certain admiral down the line…


With the recent developments in One Piece. How far do you guys think the manga will go on?

So now we have Reverie which I expect something major to happen. We go to Wano after and by what Oda mentioned it will be a big and important arc. I’m guessing after that we could have 2-3 arcs max before Raftel and then one gigantic final story arc?

There are already some mentions by big bird reporter guy that someone will soon become the Pirate King and that will obviously be Luffy and I think it might happen sooner than we think. Perhaps this legendary figure that will appear in Wano will be a crucial element to the Straw Hats discovery of Raftel.

In any case things are getting heated!


I think the big problem with guessing how much longer OP will go on is the fact that there’s like 5 or so separate story elements that are worth being the end game storyline.


If OP doesn’t hit 1200 chapters I would be surprised. Each story arc is basically 100 chapters, unless Wano or/and the remaining few story arcs are going to be short as a micro wieners Oda got ways to go,

But who knows, maybe the editors are trying to convince him to let one his underlings create a spin off, for some of the plot threads he won’t be able to address directly.



Some new developments…


So we finally know that Sabo was flying on Karasu when he was departing from Dressrosa, that guy has a pretty interesting fruit as I can’t make heads or tails of whether it’s an unusual Paramecia or rare Zoan ability. The “Murder Murder Fruit”?

The Revolutionaries seem pretty diverse and quirky. i bet all of them come from poor, corrupt, or war torn homelands hence why they seem a bit… “damaged.”

It seems Belo Betty is probably one the crux abilities of the army, seeing how she can embolden citizens to fight for themselves, pretty cool ability. I wonder if it’s already awakened?

Oh man and we’re in for another war and to finally see Monkey D. Dragon finally go wild! No Gomu Gomu no Storm, this time the Storm will be real!

Can’t wait to be walking around the next anime convention with all the Belo Betty cosplay and peeping like…


I liked how that one girl straight up copped a feel… don’t ever change Oda.


Great Chapter! quirky yet interesting powers for all of the commanders. the cheer cheer fruit reminds me of elder kai awakening gohans power in a smaller sense lol i wonder how it affect people who already have a free mind like luffy if it effect him at all. shes going to be a vital person in the upcoming and even later chapters.
im also excited to see the actual ability of dragons power. that pinkbeard is on his own and he probably false flagging lol his affiliation means less than nothing especially since blackbeard just had a encounter with the revolutionary army. how distant do you have to be to not even realize that.
i hope sabo visits luffy before they really get started or it least talks to him via den den mushi! that way luffy and others can get a good overview of everything thats happening.


Yo…The Revolutionary Army are going to declare war on the Celestial Dragons? Biiig news!


I get that they’re going to ramp up hostilities, but how exactly were the Revolutionary Army not already at war with the gov’t?


I guess they are making it official with a declaration? But I don’t know how they’re going to start a war with the Celestial Dragons while also dealing with Blackbeard’s crew. Did Blackbeard ever give a reason for going after the Revolutionary Army? Or was he just looking to steal more devil fruits?


There hasn’t been anything explained at all about Blackbeard’s scrap with the Rev Army. We got to see how BB found them, and a little of the aftermath, but nothing else.

Frankly, I’m surprised to see the Rev Army doing so well. I had gotten the impression that BB had kind of mopped the floor with them back at their old HQ.


I think it was said the Revolution fled before BB got there.


Yes Jesus Burgess was just trapped on Baltigo, their base of operations and used a snail to tell his Charcoalbeard and co. where he was which started the ruckus. I don’t think the Blackbeard pirates had any concrete reason to invade Baltigo other than that they’re opportunists and were also rescuing one of their commanders.


New Chapter will NOT be appearing this week. Don’t enjoy.

Blame Golden Week.



It’s now up on Mangastream as well.



Garp is still a no-selling badass I see, he and Luffy seem more alike than Dragon. In any case, I thought he retired? I guess it was just a vacation or just maybe this is just a temporary gig?

Green Bull is an interesting character. He’s so unlike his predecessors with a lively personality, sounds more like a pirate than an Admiral. People are already speculating that he’s a plant-based DF user and I find that likely since he’s been fasting for years and has “Green” in his title.

So Shirahoshi’s beauty is seen on the same level as Boa Hancock’s in the OP world. I guess that means Hancock won’t be too happy that Luffy and her are friends. lol

The infiltration has begun, but you’d think the Marines would be aware of the Revolutionaries’ top brass and their abilities and be on the highest alert for the slightest suspicious behavior. After all, they are the only group actively trying to destroy their established power.

King Tacos for Strawhats!


Is it me or Mangastream’s translation was really shitty this time?