One Piece Thread: Gear 3rd!


Just a set-up chapter, and not even a particularly interesting one.


MS isn’t ever really great but when it comes to OP, they have had a few bad translations. But we get what we pay for.



It’s also out on mangastream now.

United by a common bond!


Luffy is sure popular with the ladies! Hopefully someoneworld noble or government official doesn’t overhear them or it may cause problems after they leave.

Fukaboshi has decent Observation haki, I can only imagine how frozen and horrified Coby would be if he was on the travelator due to his suped-up version of Observation Haki.

Damn that POS charloss can still speak, I was hoping he was permanently comatose, paralyzed, disfigured or all of the above. I’m sure his childish behavior will cause another conflict.

Speaking of royalty. I like how Oda has drawn many of the world leaders as ugly and inbred-looking, just like they have truly looked throughout history.

And oh snap, the Straw Hat of all Straw Hats! I’m going out on a limb and saying it belongs to the fabled “Joy Boy”. But what sort of relic power could a hat like that possess, other than being very very durable after a presumed 800 years being sealed away from the public?

"The Will of D"


If the literal ‘One Piece’ treasure the series is named after just ends up being the straw hat Luffy’s had this whole time… Lol.


I wish Doflamingo would go one and say what it is. It has to be something real outrageous if they’re sending a hitman to silence him for good.


It has to be pretty good considering despite his fam having left their Celestial Dragon rank behind, him just knowing of the secret made him essentially still powerful enough to have WG level pull until his public defeat.


Maybe it was that Roger was a Celestial Dragon…


Whooo boy! that all I have for now…


Frankly the only way this chapter would have been better is if Skelly would have done the stupid thing he was thinking about and got himself killed. I don’t know how they can top it… well besides insane violence and oh shit guess who makes an appearance as well.


Just keeps getting better and better…


First off charlos’ bitchass getting slammed again (by a Doflamingo relative no less) was cathartic, I just wish he could be straight up erased from the universe, like completely disintegrated Gohan v. Perfect Cell style. I was really hoping for a Fire Fist to incinerate him but alas…

-Lucci is still an unrepentant murderous sadist I see. I wonder how he got promoted even with his failure at Enies Lobby?

-Another Celestial Dragon with a shred of humanity, I wonder just how many of them exist that have a working conscience? Could there be a secret cabal of them that actually wish to overthrow the morally bankrupt system from the inside?

-Kaidou actually owes Big Mom? I have a feeling she might have tried to free him from his wretched immortality or knowing Oda it could be something more absurd and/or mundane. The fact that she calls him “That thing” means she probably knows his true nature. Also it seems to be hinted that they were once members of the same crew, but I don’t know what to make of this yet.

-“Haki God” Shanks actually gets an audience with the movers and shakers of the established world. The fact that they respect and trust him enough to be left alone in room says a lot. Bear in mind the World Government were freaking out when Shanks and Whitebeard were parlaying pre-timeskip and actively sought to stop their meeting, so this is most interesting to say the least.

-Wait a minute… Stelly’s adviser tells him that the Five Great Elders stand above the Celestial Dragons, but Akainu irately calls them “Stooges of the Celestial Dragons”, so… which one is it?

Woot! Moving Plot Pieces!


I’m curious to know the identity of the pirate, who stood above Kaido and Big Mom.

Whoever it was, Garp got his fame from taking him out.

And what in the world is Shanks up to? He must of have a good reason for meeting with the elder stars.

I feel like something big is about to pop off. Great chapter


New chapter:


ooooh man! there’s quite a bit that has happened in the last few chapters but each one keeps building. With that, THIS Chapter! that last page!

…and we’re going on break again…


DON! sfx

Yeah those weren’t relics we saw the silhouetted figure gazing upon last chapter…


They were trophies. Whoever YM is, something tells me this individual sits as a living relic. I strongly believe 2 things now:

  • This is the secret Doflamingo knows, which allowed him to blackmail the Gorosei to falsely announce his demotion from the Shichibukai, among other things.

  • And this clandestine knowledge of YM’s existence is why he sought an Ope Ope no Mi user to give him the same immortality as this mysterious figure.

The DonQuixote family might also be a longstanding aberrance among the Celestial Dragons. I think the Nefertari line are similar as well, they probably were forced or tricked into to colluding with YM’s plot and as a punishment refused to elevate themselves to the status of Tenryuubito. The disaster that created the Red Line and disrupted the earth’s magnetic field is probably the cause of the Void Century.

My man Kuma, a living example of when keeping it real goes wrong. His last act of kindness is the main reason why the Strawhats are even breathing right now, he’s saved them from annihilation thrice. Hopefully that techie geek rabbit commander will be able to reprogram him one the inevitable mayhem ensues.

Jewelry Bonnie’s real form might be that of an old woman?! She’s also royalty?! This explains why Akainu took unusual mercy on her, but even then… And with her ability how does that tie in with her relationship with Kuma? Her son, grandson, or something else entirely?

So many mysteries…


I swear, every chapter in this arc so far has another bombshell at the end. I really don’t know if I will be able to handle this lol.


So I don’t understand how the world works. So is the new world in between the grand line and red line? Or they we actually sail around the world and end up in other seas.


I try not think to hard on it because it makes less sense when you try to put it all on a global.


the new world is on the grand line on the north/west blue side of the red line


Dammit white shadow how do you spot so much? I hate it when I miss these important details.

All I saw was the five elders presenting themselves before IM. What relic/trophies you talking about? How do you know he’s immortal?
When/where was it stated that something happened to create the Red Line and miss up magnetic field?