One Piece Thread: Gear 3rd!



Inductive reasoning made me jump to that conclusion. Two chapters ago Doflamingo claimed he’s been locked up and possibly secretly assassinated because he knows of this “hidden treasure” in Mariejoa. We’re lead to believe at the end of the chapter that it’s the oversized [Joy Boy?] straw hat that this silhouetted figure is gazing upon that is the treasure.

This is a clear misdirect by Oda because later on Stelly’s manservant provides us with the exposition on what the empty throne surrounded by ancient swords has meant to all the allied nations for the past 800 years, so when Ym sits in front of the prostrate Gorosei after he/she was looking at stabbed bounties and headshots of D-clan members and Shirahoshi aka the ancient weapon Poseidon it cements the idea that this is a longstanding figure with an immense grudge.

Secondly, Doflamingo’s knowledge of this character would also explain why he’s aware of the true ability of the Ope Ope no Mi and why he went to great lengths to procure it. This secret to immortality wasn’t some common legend heard through the grapevine, this was ancillary knowledge he obtained through finding out the existence of Ym. Ym being around this long is most likely the result of this procedure.

This logically explains why the Marines (through the orders of the Gorosei) were so eager to get the fruit from pirate Diez Barrels during Law’s flashback story, and also why the unwitting Barrels himself wasn’t curious as to why the Marines were so willing to pay a whopping 5,000,000,000 beri for a non-Logia Devil Fruit.

Lastly, the disposition of Doflamingo and his subservient inner circle (both of which counted 5 members before Rosinante’s demise) reflects the relationship between Ym and the Gorosei. It seems clear to me that Doflamingo is trying to take Ym’s playbook and his own family’s history to restore himself to prominence, which would’ve been a complete imitation if he acquired immortality.

So when you add all that up, it all points to Ym.


Oh and it was never explicitly stated that the world became fractured, there wouldn’t be any historical records to show otherwise thanks to the Void Century, which is the precisely the point. We’ve been lead to believe that the OP world that exists now has always been this weird and fantastical, but it’s clear by how zany the geographical layout is and the many races and tribes strewn haphazardly over the globe like the Skypeians, Shandians, Longlegs, Snakenecks, Mermen etc., that there was some catastrophic event that made the magnetic field lines so strange and created this strong division between everyone. And yeah, the ancient weapons- Poseidon, Uranus, and Pluton having the ability to collectively destroy the planet offers a good clue of what happened in the past.


Just wow! That clears up all the ambiguity around what Dofla was saying about a sacred treasure… I just kept wondering what the hell he was on about… makes much more sense now


Loooong time lurker of the thread. Always a big fan of @white_shadow when you post. I miss ALOT when I’m reading and you very nicely put the pieces together like I would never think! Please post more lol.

So on topic now.

What do you think the One Piece treasure is? You got me thinking on the whole fractured planet thing. What if the Ancient Kingdom that was destroyed wasn’t destroyed. Bit of a stretch, but what if they just picked up their toys and moved? More like the Paradise island from Attack on titan? Some sort of Sundering to where they took their land and left. The idea of Roger leaving everything in a place and not a thing makes more sense to me.


One Piece itself, all we know is that Oda promised it would be stupid like the power of friendship or love.


Thanks for the accolades, I’m just glad to see more fans of the series out in the open. As for what One Piece is, Oda has stated that it is something physical, not “friendship” or “the journey” or some BS. He said it would be disheartening for invested readers to be duped with a cliche like that. One Piece is an actual treasure, but it’s significance probably won’t be monetary and only be appreciated by those who share certain ideals (i.e., freedom and truth).

I can’t really speculate much on the lost advanced civilization, but according to Oharan scholars it was completely destroyed and they really seemed to know their stuff. The fact that head scholar Clover was shot by direct orders of the Gorosei before he could even speak the civilization’s name also eliminates fan theory that Raftel is this lost kingdom, as Raftel is fairly common knowledge. It was the destruction of this civilization that allowed the World Government that their alliance to blossom, so any remnants of this kingdom are most likely just a handful of **D**escendants, poneglyph(s) or weathered rubble submerged under the ocean.

There’s also something that slipped my mind before. One of the more unusual aspects of the Ope Ope no Mi is when Law states prolonged usage of his ability saps his life force and shortens his lifespan. Considering we’ve seen other DF users produce a nigh infinite amount of wax, poison, ice, magma, toys etc., this drawback is highly unusual for a Devil Fruit; in fact, most Devil Fruits don’t have any real restrictions at all. Initially I thought this was Oda’s way of balancing the extraordinary abilities of the fruit, but it seems like this is was more of a hint at how unique the fruit is compared to others and why the immortality operation kills the user once the procedure is successful. It also makes me wonder if “Awakening” requires some kind of pact or sacrifice, maybe even direct communication with the “Devil” that resides in the user’s fruit?

Awakened Zoans offer a good clue as those guards in Impel Down seemed like their DF personalities took over while their humanity was either stripped or locked away, effectively making them a prisoner in their own bodies. It’s been shown with objects that have “eaten” a Devil Fruit that they possess individual personalities, like Funkfreed and Lassoo; so it wouldn’t be a stretch that these “Devils” don’t have some passive effect on a user’s demeanor, it’s just that in Zoans it is more pronounced since they represent living creatures. It would be only natural as form follows function; so, for example, possessing a carnivorous feline DF ability would only serve to exacerbate Lucci’s sadism and ferocity. Makes onewonder just what are these Devils really, and why Blackbeard’s Darkness fruit has an inherent superiority over all fruits and how Teach just so happened to be on the right ship where the fruit he’s been seeking for years was discovered?

I’m sooooo eager to finally meet Vegapunk, especially since Oda stated that the full knowledge of Devil Fruits will be known once we meet him.


We going to Wano at last!

Edit - some argue the spoiler could be fake? And if so would we cut to Wano too fast? Especially since other events are going on. From that the reddit made a post about it and hilarity ensues with chapter names:


New chapter!!




At long last, Wano! Zoro is finally home. That last panel was terrific! Just like Luffy, Zoro has a short fuse when dealing with BS, but now the Mugiwaras are on borrowed time.

I’m guess the masked geisha playing the shamisen is Nami. Poor O-Robi, she seems so out of place lol.

So Marco can transfer some of his healing ability to other beings, that’s cool. It’s a shame it’s limited, because being able to heal all the catastrophic injuries Whitebeard suffered would’ve been too OP.

It’s also nice that we got a glimpse of Whitebeard’s hometown and more on his backstory. It’s interesting to see how the Celestial Dragons’ corrupt influence affects the One Piece world. Their line is just a royal mafia.

And now we have some evidence that Weevil might actually be the son of Whitebeard, although his “mom” might need to go Maury. It’s interesting that Marco remarked on him having many women, so Whitebeard did have some player tendencies. A true pirate.


Sage mode Usopp!! Zoro slash!!


Whitebeard was dying anyway, so Marco must have reached the limit of how much he could treat WB before the war even broke out.


Also he was get bitch slapped all over that arc anytime he tried to approach Whitebeard.

I am guessing since he has shown this new power either Marco gets dragged into another conflict or it shows up in more unfortunate circumstances down the line.



Well that was nice… I miss Vivi and the Princesses.


New chapter:


Mangastream version is also out:

Luffy showing his new level up.


He can passively use his “Future Sight” and if you noticed he didn’t react in the same manner against the Tengu man because he clearly could sense his character.

Speaking of seeing the future, Basil “Scarecrow” Hawkins has finally made an appearance! A shrewd man like him would make an interesting adversary for Luffy, but I get the feeling he’s just buying his time to get from under Kaido’s heavy hand.

Oh and I like the new ninja girl, and the fact that she met Ace means she’s going to be integral to the story down the line. Some guy in the comments mentioned she might be the reason Ace learned how to weave hats and why he was able to make one for Oars Jr. If that’s true then Goda…


Luffy being Luffy, next few chapters should prove interesting.


his control of his conquerors haki has improved even more that small burst pointed directly at the baboon was cool
i wonder when we are gonna see kid eustass again i suspect that basil will try to use luffy to gain leverage on the situation a double agent sort of thing.


Twenty-one years ago, a man by the name Eiichiro Oda started a little manga called One Piece. Little did he know, over two decades later, this manga would continue to impact the lives of millions across the globe.

Yes, today, July 19th, One Piece turns 21 years old! After all the adventures and all the years, Oda is still going strong by still delivering a fantastic story to us. One Piece is finally the age of Zoro and Sanji and can now drink in the US! Also, it’s been 12 years since Vegapunk was first mentioned, meaning we’ve gone over half the series not knowing how he looks!

For those doubting the legitimacy of the date, a reliable source has confirmed directly that this was the time the original Jump issue with chapter 1 was released on. Monday was holiday, so the chapter released on Saturday, making the original official date for One Piece’s birth July 19th (while ironically, this is a fact that Shueisha has wrong, as they count One Piece’s “birthday” as the date the Jump issue was originally referred as, rather than the day One Piece was first released to the public. Yes, it’s a complicated situation).

So let’s cheer to all these fantastic years of One Piece and to many more to come!


new chapter: