One Piece Thread: Gear 3rd!


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Zoro will finally acquire a new sword upgrade! Shodai Kitetsu! I love how happy Zoro was to see his captain considering how emotionally reticent he normally is.

Only one more grade higher to go!

Favorite moment this chapter:

“Stop! Woman!”

Luffy: Is that Sanji?



Tag team back again.

Meanwhile when do we think Luffy will get some variation of samurai armor in this arc?


Could be an other 3-5 years though.


Since One Piece is taking a brief intermission, I wanted to discuss another random fun theory.

A while back I introduced the (fairly baseless) theory that Kaido is possibly a [Road] poneglyph that ate a Devil Fruit(s), hence his unrivaled durability/ immortality and moniker as a “beast” or “thing” and him having Wano as his main territory, the very country which produced the poneglyphs several hundred years prior… an interesting coincidence. Anyway, out of boredom I feel like going double-or-nothing by stating that I know who gave Kaido the X-shaped scar on his torso:

Initially, due to the slight fond respect and envy he showed when namedropping the late Whitebeard and his ability to die I surmised that they had many altercations, now while this likely happened (with Whitebeard making Kaido do his best Team Rocket blasting off again impression) I don’t think even he was capable of scarring Kaido. Same goes for Red-Haired Shanks, who was able to keep him at bay somehow when he tried to intercede in the Marineford war.

It then hit me that the only man who would be able to do such a feat was none other than Gol D. Roger. Why? Because he could hear the voices of all things. Roger not only could understand the poneglyph transcriptions in his own way, but could amazingly inscribe on it as well. On that basis I think when the inevitable confrontation between Kaido and Roger occurred Gol was able to leave his mark on him.

But wait, there’s more! Luffy can also hear the voices of all things, which means that while taking down Kaido might end up being a team effort, the battle might be “won” more with Luffy’s innate ability than pure raw nakama power.


That would be a very good twist but I would hate to be Robin or who has to the imprint given if the info isn’t on his back the only places it could be.



Page 30…


Keep that food wars filth out of my One Piece please.


Those Japanese really love them some Sanji…


New chapter:


less then expected…


That surprise at the end though!


didnt law mentioned that they should met up with his crew?


True, but it’s been so long that it slipped my mind entirely. Plus, Oda did a good job of not giving us any tells in this issue that there’d be a nice little reveal at the end.


I’m a little bit disinterested atm. I kinda wanted to see more of the Reverie.


Yeah but Oda left it at the perfect tease spot, which sucks but we all have seen how it works out.

I am still wondering how Big Mom will factor plus if Hawkins ’ ability besides the straw stuff is based off random cards does that make him the least effective of the supernovas?


Basil’s DF is even stranger and more complex than I expected. I can’t even tell if it’s already awakened or not. Unlike other Devil Fruit abilities that are mostly netral the way this one works seems innately malevolent.

Btw, I’m surprised no one else has noticed that Hawkins is the first person in ages to injure Zoro post-timeskip.

Oh and I don’t take Basil’s calculations lightly, I don’t think the Mugiwaras will be able to bumble past Kaido completely unscathed like they did with Big Mom. Once this arc is over they will face some serious consequences.


I don’t want to downplay Basil, but he’s lucky Luffy and Zorro ran.


I will downplay him, his ability plus the card ability or techniques remind me of a Stand from Jojo Bizarre Adventure and not one of the over powered ones.

Nice design alone won’t impress since he is feeling like a warm up especially since his cards effects are to everyone not only himself.