One Piece Thread: Gear 3rd!


Came out of the woodwork to say this is dumb.

Mama was also called a thing and beast, so much so that Oda had to go out of his way to actually say she was human due to the nonsense. So I totally believe Kaido is a regular human. That’s not a stretch to even think anymore seeing as how we have ample evidence of godlike humans walking around the planet already.

Besides, the technology for an inanimate object to eat a Devil Fruit didn’t exist until Vegapunk created the means. It was already mentioned way way in the beginning. So there’s no actual way to say that Kaido is a Poneglyph turned living being because, well, if the timeline is correct Vegapunk didn’t invent a way for that to have happened yet.

We also don’t know that Roger read those poneglyphs himself. During his time, plenty of people were alive from Robin’s island that could have just jumped on his ship to help him. We don’t know all of his crew so the possibility is still likely.

So in conclusion: Stop it. Get some help.


Can you cite where exactly Big Mom was called a “thing”?

First of all I pretty much added a disclaimer that my hypothesis was baseless, so there’s little for me to defend, but there’s still some stuff I’ll address.

Regarding the “advanced” technology of Vegapunk. While he may be the greatest genius of his era, there seems to be plenty of hint that much of what he might be doing is reclaiming or deciphering lost technology that no one post-Void Century has the intellect to recreate. This is reinforced by the fact that lost civilization was said to be very advanced and that there were weapons constructed that could level the globe. There also have been other evidence like the lost city on the moon with servile automatons all running on electricity. The biggest tech reveal will probably be the Devil Fruits themselves, but that’s another matter entirely.

We don’t know Kaido’s age nor origin, or the reason why he’s practically invulnerable save for one scar. He also is called the “Strongest Creature”, while Whitebeard was labeled as the “Strongest Man”. Big Mom has been called a monster but I don’t recall her being called a “thing” or given a similar epithet.

Also Kaido’s underlying obsession with creating a beast army and having at least one high ranking subordinate with a rare Zoan suggests a stronger affinity with creatures than humans. Jack appearing in fully woolly mammoth form creates a strong tone for their pirate philosophy IMO.

Regarding Roger and the poneglpyh, look again at exactly what I said-

Roger not only could understand the poneglyph transcriptions in his own way

It was stated in that very arc that Roger couldn’t read the inscriptions only understand the sentiment behind it since he had the ability to hear the voices of all things. So I never said he could translate.

All things covered, I like speculating within different degrees just see if the threads lead somewhere interesting, it’s fun. * shrugs*


Quick question since I can’t be arsed to find that issue introducing Kaido…

Of all the failed execution methods that were mentioned wrt Kaido, was drowning ever mentioned?

Cos he should turn into a Poneglyph if dropped in water right?

Looking for ways to kill himself, yet never took a dip in the sea… am I missing something here?

And since I’m editing… why hasn’t Luffy heard anything from the Poneglyphs yet? Are they perhaps alive and think Luffy is still a scrub? Or did Roger have a completely different kind of way of understanding them?


He sank 9 prison ships, so I assume he’d “drown” as a human. But keep in mind the sea (and seastones) doesn’t nullify DF abilities, only weakens the user and prevents them from doing anything. Otherwise back in the Arlong arc when Luffy was fully submerged in the pool Luffy’s head wouldn’t be able to stretch several feet to the surface so he could breathe.

Only Blackbeard has the ability to truly nullify Devil Fruits, which is why I joked before that Brook should never confront him.


Ok makes sense that he wouldnt die from the sea. But wouldn’t he at least be stuck or unable to move similar to the state that we last saw Jack in?

Actually Luffy stretching under water, or even while touching kairoseki is really confusing me - shouldn’t all the other DF users that we’ve seen under the influence of the seastone be able to manifest some aspect of their DF? I think Luffy is the only one we’ve seen like that.

Anyway… you missed my last edit! Luffy not hearing the Poneglyphs, or Roger had a different relationship with them?


Not all Devil Fruits work the same even when they’re in the same class. Some Paramecia DFs need to be activated or are emergent, and some are passively active like Luffy’s gomu gomu no mi. The thing is seastone cuffs and the ocean weakens DF users to the point where they can’t activate their ability on their own volition. So Luffy with seastone handcuffs won’t be able to do a Gomu Gomu attack or significantly manipulate his body even though he’s still technically a rubber man.

I think Luffy is nowhere near as advanced in any way to Roger. Bear in mind Gol’s 3 year campaign conquering the Grand Line occurred once he was much older than Luffy now, so most likely his abilities were more polished.

Also Luffy’s ability to hear voicies might just have different quality or trigger to it, just like how Sanji’s Color of Observation is more attune to a woman being in distress, while Katakuri can consistently see the brief future. Another example is how Luffy and Momo could both hear Zunisha, but only Momonosuke could actually respond to it.



They seem to grow some of their young ladies big out there in Wano. Meanwhile the kidnapping took me by surprise given where we are in the story, Luffy can not catch any down time.


After all of the long build up on Whole Cake, I kind of wish Wano just turns into Luffy and Zorro saying fuck it to the plan and wrecking shit for like 15 chapters.


Welp, I guess I’m watching the show again.

For the love of Roger don’t fuck this up Toei…


New chapter:


O-Kiku seems to be a skilled samurai, but I like how she still felt the need to hide behind Zoro, and interesting character quirk. The yokozuna was able to sense Zoro’s murderous intent, but I’m surprised to see that Wano’s residents aren’t as aware of haki as I assumed they would be. I expected a level of proficiency in haki akin to girls on Amazon Lily.


O-KIKU = ZORO future waifu?


He already has 3 waifus, how many does this man need!?


he needs a real one and shes the ticket

good chapter luffy easily becoming more adept with haki each time


Three? I know two potentials with ghost lady Perona and glasses Marine who is the third?


Jewellery Bonney


Ah, ok forgot about that one.


I’m not going to cite sources, no. It happened plenty to the build-up of Big Mom and her strength.

It seems too convenient that they would forget to say, “oh yeah, we used to give objects devil fruits back then too” at this point. Would read off as just some poorly added entry into the story.

As for origins, yeah no kidding we don’t know shit about it. That’s how One Piece has been since it started. We only get character info when that character is vital to the story. Far as I remember, that’s how literally every character has been fleshed out. Kaido will get his turn once it’s time to focus on Kaido.

Kaido’s desire for an army of animal pirates is just that, his desire. It’s one of the things that drives him, much like Big Mom wanted Tottoland. I don’t think there’s anything deeper in the whole animal army thing except he thinks it’s cool.