One Piece Thread: Gear 3rd!


Undefeated against Usopp??


Still counts.

Hiatus means multiple weeks or is just the usual week break?


Regular break.

So Wano is the arc that’s supposed to be more epic than Marineford right?


Thanks, yeah it is supposed to be but they appear to treating it like a regular arc in terms of build up. One will assume the climax will be the epic portion.


Chapter 917:


I’m confused by lady speed…


I’m just afraid of ever googling her name with safesearch off in the future…

Luffy and Zoro speedblitzing was cool, I can’t wait to see that animated, although I get the feeling the anime is going to draw out this short conflict for several episodes.

I don’t see how Miss Centaur can see 350 degrees when she clearly has stereoscopic vision, but I guess Oda didn’t want to make her fugly.

Luffy’s is definitely showing a different kind of presence than before. We’ve seen him strong and self-assured, but now he seems totally in another stratosphere. I think only a Calamity and the big man himself can give him trouble at this point. Luffy vs Jack the Drought would be interesting, especially since there would be motive. It will probably take a lot more than King Kong Gun or two to defeat such a monster though.

@Raz0r Seeing how the smartest contemporary minds in OP still can’t recreate Devil Fruits properly, or build world-ending machines like Pluton and Uranus without lost blueprints, and have shown nothing on the level of Enel’s ancient moon kingdom technology (even Mariejoa is still using slave-powered machines), it’s safe to say that the world is playing catch-up and at most just reinventing the wheel. As for Kaido’s bestial predilections, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…


Centaurs and horse people are a turnoff… it freaks me out when you combine human and horse features, which is why I have still yet to watch BoJack Horseman. I do wonder if Zoro or Samurai tall lady will have to fight her. If Luffy is going to be stomping on Holdem and Hawkins has his own problems does that mean we see a weird Zoro duel with Speed as they try to runaway with the food?


so when speed smiles she looks like this???


New chapter y’all!:


That scene where the mother was about to off her starving child, brutal stuff…

Someone in the comments mentioned that maybe O-Tama’s ability might be able to control Zoans which is a cool concept but I think any creature with sufficiently strong “haki” can overcome such parlor tricks. Secondly, the Gifters are clearly the result of faulty science hence why they’re in a permanent hybrid state, with animals often acting independently of their users like Holdem. I think Caesar just captured a bunch of wild or stray animals and through some botched and lazy process converted them into faux-Devil Fruits. I can’t wait to see how the exact process is explained though.

Luffy further cementing his proto-Yonko status by essentially claiming territory and ousting a leader in one felt swoop. But how will he fare against Jack? I think now’s the point where Luffy will be truly tested. Jack was capable of fighting nonstop for several days and didn’t even incur any visible injuries facing the Minks, Luffy can effortlessly dodge Jack all day but he’ll need some successive King Kong Gun assaults to make Jack even wince based on what I saw on Zou.

Oh and the short skirmish between Hawkins and Law was interesting, they have similar introverted calm personalities so I knew they wouldn’t go all in, but it’s cool that Hawkins can even transfer DF effects on to other folks while in Law’s Room.


Damn Luffy that ain’t no way to treat a lady.

I agree with WS that scene with the family was brutal, I sometimes wonder if Oda forgets this is meant for younger readers.