One Piece Thread: Gear 3rd!


I wonder if they just hyping up Zoro using the Asura style to finish the dude off.




Luffy is smiling in that last panel while the others have their serious game face on lol


I only got to read it once but was there a section where it seems to jump from one end of the story to the very end without explanation?


Yes it was very weird so I checked out Jamini Box’s version and it’s the same thing. Maybe it was set up as we wouldn’t hear what happened or something.


this week chapter :sunglasses:


Thats probably kaido in his beast form

edit: definitely is, the chunli bracelets, the horns, black hair tache and beard, matches with the dragon tattoo and lastly the X shaped scar on his stomach.


Gawddamit, I couldn’t help myself. This is the first time I’ve impulsively spoilered myself in years.

Damn you @hisoga you rapscallion!


Get behind me spoiler! I will not be tempted.

Edit: But thanks for blurring that I jumped in thinking the chapter dropped early.


jupp, seems to be him

which is kinda strange since i find him in human form more threatening.


Yeah seems a bit of a letdown but we’ll have to see the full chapter. You never know with Oda.


Yeah, I agree… maybe the trick to beating him would be to have him in his dragon form.



“Hundred Beasts” Kaidou finally…


Reveals at least one of his forms! A badass dragon, which is probably how he convinced the people of Wano of his rightful authority over them.

But wait! Momonosuke had a fake dragon Zoan fruit, what could’ve been the motive for that? Did Kaido take a liking to the kid? Especially since Momo doesn’t have one of those assbackwards Smile fruits.

And while I initially underestimated Shutenmaru in just a few panels he was capable of damaging Jack, a creature that the entire Minks couldn’t visibly damage while fighting for days on end. Zoro would be mighty interested in meeting him heh…

I was thinking we were going to see the other calamities before seeing Kaido in action, so I’m very pleased at this new development!

Yeah that “Strongest Creature” title is no platitude or joke.


If I remember Punk Hazard Momo was doing the whole refusing to eat thing ran off into another room found the fruit and ate it.

Have to guess Shutenmaru is probably one of the guys the group are looking for now. That being said, he looks like a dick but we may see a twist show up in that characterization.


he seems to be bigger then expected but that just makes him a easyer target.
they will slice him up together for sure at the end.


I suspect there’s a lot more to Kaido than just a dragon form.


Oh yeah that slipped my mind, and if I remember correctly that fruit was actually made by Vegapunk too, which explains why it at least didn’t turn Momo into a mutant. I think his Devil Fruit ability will still prove interesting if he interacts with Kaido due to the psuedo-kinship

Edit: Yoink!


that is a fake from 4chan


Ah nice subtlety then lol