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Chapter 922 spoiler


Thanks to Zoro4Prez2016 from Oro Jackson forums.
Chapter 922 Hundred Beasts Pirates Governor-General Kaido

Momonosuke becomes distressed at seeing Kaido’s dragon form.
Law reports to Kinemon that they have figured out his, Luffy’s, and Zoro’s true identities.
On top of that, Kaido’s target are the ones who interrupted his Smile dealings, Luffy and himself, which is not a hindrance to Kinemon’s strategy.

Concerned about Kaido appearing in the skies above Okobore Town, Luffy heads off on his own towards the town. Law is angry that the plan will be ruined if Luffy makes a move due to his emotions and chases after him. Kinemon and O-Kiku also head down the mountain in order to rescue O-Tsuru.

In Bakura Town, the townsfolk and bandits have created a commotion during their attempt to run away from Kaido.

Kaido (glaring at Shutenmaru) “I remember you…”
In Shutenmaru’s mind, he recalls a time when he fought a dragon. For whatever reason, Kaido is drunk and cheerfully states to Shutenmaru, “If you become my subordinate, I’ll forgive the past.”

Jack is troubled that it will be a huge crisis if drunk Kaido rampages as the citizens of Okobore town are the labor force for the factories. Hawkins displays quick wit and relays to Kaido that Luffy and Law are present at Oden Castle. Perhaps an influence of the legends, there has been a rumor spreading amongst the people about suspicious light emanating from Oden Castle.

“If that structure is also fanning the flames of Shogun Orochi’s fears, then perhaps destroying that empty castle would be killing two birds with one stones.”

Hawkins explains to Jack the reason why he directed Kaido towards Oden Castle.

Nami and the others are desperately preparing for their escape as Kaido has suddenly headed their direction. Kaido opens his gigantic mouth.


The ruins are blown away with one strike of Kaido’s breath. While even Jack and Hawkins are stunned by Kaido’s overwhelming power, the silhouette of a person appears right above Kaido.

“Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun!”

Having witnessed his friends being hurt right in front of him, Luffy hammers into Kaido an attack of anger.



New chapter out.


Welp, it’s been fun guys… unless Law does the ol’ switcheroo with Luffy’s dumb ass or Kaido just gets randomly amused by the impudence I don’t see how this will go well. Luffy brought a pea shooter to a Tsar Bomba fight. I still remember how Big Mom casually traded blows with Luffy’s G4 Kong Gun like it was a casual punch, this G3 punch might as well be a flick to the nose.

I also like how even the highly impulsive Jack gets perturbed by Kaido’s manic depressive behavior. Consideirng what a drunk Kaido can do casually, I can only imagine the sheer destruction try-hard Kaido can accomplish.

Trafalgar Law x Monkey D. Luffy relationship in a nutshell:


Come on, this is just an opening salvo. Luffy will get a taste of Kaido’s strength… somehow retreat or appear killed or get captured. Given the pieces involved in this arc, it was bound to happen.

I am more interested in how they will justify the other Strawhats’ and company survival, probably one of the Heart Pirates having a secret ability we haven’t been made aware of yet.

Also Hawkins with the insanely accurate lie is hilarious.]

Nice chapter, kids please don’t operate vehicles or weapons or even social media when drunk or intoxicated or being a bitch with them feelings.


This drunk ass face killed me lol


Saw this in reddit. Oda made this way back in 2004. Dat foreshadowing. KAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!


Kaido’s theme song:


Kaido proves his absolute dominance. One shotting an impulsive bone headed Luffy in his highest form, sheds not a single drop of blood through his barrage, and speed blitzes G4 Luffy.

Yeah, I’m really starting to think that Roger was probably the guy who gave him his scar.

Doflamingo was scurred for a damn good reason.


human form for the win. :coffee:


Man someone need to put the guilty gear “destroyed!” writing in front of the panel when kaido hits him
damn thats crazy his base form is his strongest cause he got man handled in his dragon form or maybe that beating from luffy knocked him back into being sober and or woke him up
more in likely that was the case cause he was drunk.
well Eustass and luffy will get to know each other really well as i think law is gonna switch/shambles his way out of there. but he gonna have to make the room big enough to do that which will exhaust his powers so he will have to find a good hiding spot.


Am I the only one who saw the word ‘thunder’ in the name of the attack and thought for a split second that maybe it would have been a lightning based attack?


I saw his club have electricity or maybe its just Haki


Welp, short of a rescue it looks like Luffy is going to be hanging with Kidd in a minute. If Oda doesn’t pull a save on Tama that would be the most surprising thing since the reveal of how Big Mom got her fruit.


The more I think about this chapter and Luffy’s the 1.5 billion beri man (a bounty earned mostly because of his defeat of the previously undefeated Katakuri and not by being a direct threat to the government) and his utter and complete OHKO loss against Kaido, is the fact that Kaido not only completely left himself open to punishment in base form just to see if he could feel something; and after sighing in disappointment then speed blitzed Luffy in G4, a form Doflamingo and Katakuri had trouble keeping up with.

I don’t think a mere “Awakening” or whatever zenkai boost is going to make up for the grand canyon separation in strength. This had to be a team effort to bring him down (esp. since it was said in his intro- “If it’s a one on one battle, Kaido will win it”), or something not dependent on raw strength entirely but a more subtle skill or ability:



as you said he will not be able to defeat him alone.
remember the sage about the 9 samurai who will take him down.

it will end being a group effort with him maybe landing the finishing blow after they weakened him as a group.


I wonder how strong that fat samurai (forgot the name) is. He seemed to have hurt Kaido before. He will definitely be helping at some point.


Kaido fell 10km from a sky island in his intro. Blunt attacks won’t hurt him. At least not from Luffy. Maybe he’s weaker to swords?


I don’t think swords, bullets or any conventional weapons or physical blows can damage him. I think just like with Zoro’s “breath” technique and possibly “hearing voices of all things”, it will take and attack that can hit his “spirit”.

Although still a mystery bear in mind that Big Mom said that Kaido “owed her” for something she did for him back in the day. What’s her Devil Fruit ability again?.. :thinking:


Big Mom’s fruit allows her to implant a piece of her soul into inanimate objects and give them life. She can also take years, and maybe also add years to a organic being’s life span.


@BB_Hoody Sorry my man, I was being sarcastic. I was basically implying that she might have used her Soul Soul Fruit ability on Kaido at his request, possibly to nerf himself so he can die or be slightly less invulnerable. It could also be something comedic like the avaricious Big Mom actually doing something extremely out of character and sharing the last of her candy stash with him when she was also hungry, which would be a big deal to her.

We might have a situation where his nigh invulnerability also makes him unable to feel much of anything, which would explain his propensity to get drunk and his overall dissatisfaction with life. That X scar on his torso might actually represent one of the happiest moments of his life. [cough] Roger flashback [/cough]

Oh yeah and I forgot about this:

From ONE PIECE Great Newspaper Vol.2 translate by sandman:

  • Oda “When Kaidou appeared for the first time, I said that Luffy can’t defeat such a strong character yet. And I’m yet to know how Luffy would defeat Kaidou.
    Probably my audience will not be satisfied if the reason for defeating Kaidou is just because Luffy’s punch is so strong. Luffy and I have to find a solution somehow.”


soooo… friend no jutsu??


Ideally Zoro would be the one to take down Kaido and Luffy faces off with an invading Big Mom and beats her. But I am still convinced that we won’t see a direct Luffy and Big Mom fight.

Most likely something similar to Doflamingo where multiple folk weaken Kaido enough that Luffy or a combination attack of some sort wins the day. Kaido is going down it is just a matter of how.